Museum Studies Program

The Museum Studies Program is a Certificate Program that operates out of the University’s Department of History. The Certificate requires 12 credit hours, three of which may be cross listed. A number of Fellows use their elective courses to work towards this certificate. Regardless of whether they seek the certificate, many Fellows take one or more courses in the Museum Studies Program to gain more training in museum management, collections management, exhibitions, historic properties, and museum education. Some of this course work is offered as semester-long, three-credit courses; some of it is offered in the form of shorter one-credit courses.

Museum Studies course work complements the day-to-day institutional and staff relationships Fellows build at Winterthur. Many Fellows value the chance to contrast Winterthur with the operation of other institutions and collections; courses in Museum Studies also provide an opportunity to work with graduate students in other academic disciplines.

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Winterthur Program in American Material Culture
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