Detail, handle of silver soup tureen. Courtesy Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library 1996.004.254. Campbell's Collection of Soup Tureens at Winterthur

Connoisseurship I, II, and III, are required courses in the fall and spring semesters of the first year. These classes give Fellows hands-on experience working with objects in differing media such as furniture, books, prints, paintings, ceramics, glass, and metals. Faculty from the Office of Academic Programs, Curatorial and Conservation Department Staff, and visiting experts teach this course in a series of blocks, organized by media. The Fellows also gain access to outstanding specialists in traditional crafts, and participate in field trips to historic sites, collections, and artisans' shops. Blocks may include sketching assignments; research papers or projects; and tests, depending upon the instructor and the amount of time for the block.

Please note that the sequence of Connoisseurship blocks is subject to change as the Museum’s curatorial or staff responsibilities shift to meet exhibition schedules or research projects.

Winterthur Program in American Material Culture
textile connoisseurship

Studying seventeenth-century embroidery techniques (Courtesy, Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library).