Registration and Drop/Add begins October 27 Mon.
Fee Payment Deadlines
   If registering by the November Bill-production date
   For students registering after that point

November 28
January 5

All students must financially clear their account from their e-bill available in My Finances at by the above deadlines or they will be liable for the $55 late fee. The following options are available from the e-bill to financially clear an account:
  • Make a full payment by the due date (or)
  • Log into Campus Finances. From the 'Make a Payment' option, please indicate 'Yes' at the 'Report Additional Credits' page and indicate both the type and amount of award that is being used to cover the balance. This will update a Reported Adjustment credit from the Account Summary. From here you can either make the lesser required payment or, if no payment is due, submit the information without making a payment.
Residence halls: Check in 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Dining- Scrounge & Trabant open 2pm
5-week classes: Jan. 4
4-week classes: Jan. 11
Classes begin at 8:00 a.m. 5-week classes: Jan. 5
4-week classes: Jan. 12
Late registration and Free Drop/Add ends
After these dates:
  1. Tuition is charged and a grade of "W" will be recorded for course withdrawals.
  2. One time $25 fee charged for a change in registration.
  3. No courses may be added without the approval of the Assistant Dean.
  4. Students not registered for a course must vacate on-campus housing (except Christiana Towers).
5-week classes: Jan. 8
4-week classes: Jan. 15

Students needing to make any registration changes to 4-week Winter courses MUST do so by emailing their request including: name, student ID, and course info. (including dept. and number) to in the Registrar's Office. E-mails received until the end of 1/15 will be processed by the Registrar's Office. Changes in registration after that time must be requested through the Course Permit webform.
Martin Luther King Holiday
No classes meet; University offices closed .
January 19 Mon.
Last day to change registration or withdraw from a course without academic penalty and the approval of the Assistant Dean. (Even if permitted to withdraw, tuition is still charged.) 5-week classes: Jan. 23
4-week classes: Jan. 27
Last day of classes February 6 Fri.
Final exams
Students who are not assigned to Spring Residence Halls must check out of their Winter Halls by 7 pm.
Dining- last day for Winter Locations
February 7 Sat.