Registration and Drop/Add begins November 2 Mon.
Fee Payment Deadline January 4 Mon.
All students must financially clear their account from their e-bill available in My Finances at by the above deadline or they will be liable for the $55 late fee. Failure to pay does not relieve students of their financial obligation. Students who do not plan to attend or who financially cannot pay must drop courses by the end of the Free Drop/Add period. Students may view up-to-date billing and financial aid information on My Finances, UD's online educational financing site. Please note the following options for addressing your balance due:
  • Pay in full by the due date, or
  • Notify the University of any anticipated resources (student loans, outside scholarships, Grad Contract, course fee waiver, etc.) by reporting those as additional credits on My Finances and then submitting payment for any remaining balance.
Residence halls: Check in 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Dining- Scrounge & Trabant open 2pm
5-week classes: Jan. 3
4-week classes: Jan. 10
Classes begin at 8:00 a.m. 5-week classes: Jan. 4
4-week classes: Jan. 11
Late registration and Free Drop/Add ends
After these dates:
  1. Tuition is charged and a grade of "W" will be recorded for course withdrawals.
  2. One time $25 fee charged for a change in registration.
  3. No courses may be added without the approval of the Assistant Dean.
  4. Students not registered for a course must vacate on-campus housing (except Christiana Towers).
5-week classes: Jan. 7
4-week classes: Jan. 14

Changes in registration after that time must be requested through the Course Permit webform.
Martin Luther King Holiday
No classes meet; University offices closed .
January 18 Mon.
Last day to change registration or withdraw from a course without academic penalty and the approval of the Assistant Dean. (Even if permitted to withdraw, tuition is still charged.) 5-week classes: Jan. 22
4-week classes: Jan. 26
Last day of classes February 5 Fri.
Final exams
Students who are not assigned to Spring Residence Halls must check out of their Winter Halls by 7 pm.
Dining- last day for Winter Locations
February 6 Sat.