Walktober- Fall Walking Challenge

Sept. 29-Nov. 23
Cost: Challenge + Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker- $65 Wellness Dollars
          Challenge only- $25 Wellness Dollar
Save more by registering for Wellness Plus and receive both the fall and spring challenges and the Fitbit Zip for $75 Wellness Dollars (a $90 value)

Walking is an easy way to burn calories, manage stress and re-charge your batteries during the work day. During the 8-week Walktober program, you’ll track your walking activity online and “travel” on a virtual journey, featuring scenes of beautiful fall foliage throughout the United States. You can choose how you’d like to track your activity. You can even purchase a Fitbit Zip wireless activity tracker with your Wellness Dollars as part of the Walktober program.

The Walktober online program includes:

  • 8 weeks of access to your own Walktober account
  • Your choice of tracking methods:
    • Track your steps:
      • You may purchase a Fitbit Zip wireless activity tracker using your Wellness Dollars. Your Fitbit will display your total steps, distance covered, calories burned and the time. After you set up your own Fitbit online account, your tracker will sync this information to your account each time it is near your computer. You may also set up a Bluetooth enabled smartphone to sync to your account.
      • If you already have a Fitbit tracker, you can allow the Walktober program to access your Fitbit account for seamless tracking during the challenge.
      • You may use any other type of wireless tracker or pedometer and manually enter your steps by logging on to your Walktober account.
    • Track your minutes of walking- if you prefer not to use a tracker or pedometer, you can log in to your account and enter your daily walking minutes
    • If you enjoy other forms of physical activity, you can convert them to either walking steps or minutes and enter them online using program information provided
  • Weekly walking activities led by wellness staff for all interested participants
  • Wellness tips emailed to you either daily or weekly (your choice)
  • Over 250 healthy recipes for you to explore
  • Optional social features that provide you with support from other co-workers
    • You can create or join a team of 4-10 co-workers
    • Invite colleagues to be your “Soul Mates” with whom you can give and get support for your walking
    • Walker’s Wall- a message board where you can share your success stories with other participants
  • Register now. Registration is open until October 3rd.