Graduate Program in Water Science and Policy

Our Faculty

The following faculty are available to advise graduate students in the Water Science & Policy program:


Shreeram Inamdar, Plant & Soil Sciences. Hydrology and biogeochemistry of watersheds; Climate and landuse change impacts on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems; Watershed management.



Luc Claessens, Geography. Hydrology and ecosystem processes; biogeochemistry; water resources engineering.

Joshua Duke, Applied Economics and Statistics. Land use, natural resource and environmental economics; law and economics; property rights.

Paul Imhoff, Civil & Environmental Engineering. Transport of fluids and contaminants in multiphase systems; mass transfer processes in soil, groundwater, surface water, and in landfills; mathematical modeling.

Gerald Kauffman, Public Policy & Administration. Water supply, water quality, policy, droughts and floods; watershed planning and management.

Daniel Leathers, Geography. Meteorology, hydrology, water resources, climate change and variation.

Delphis Levia, Geography. Ecohydrology, forest biogeochemistry, snow science, field methods and instrumentation.

Holly Michael, Geological Sciences. Groundwater-surface water interaction in dynamic coastal systems; water in developing countries; geostatistical modeling.

Donald Sparks, Plant & Soil Sciences. How metals and other contaminants bind to soils and move into water; remediation strategies for contaminated soils.

Affiliated Faculty:

Carmine Balascio, Plant & Soil Sciences. Hydrologic modeling; surface water quality; storm water management.

Jacob Bowman, Entomology & Wildlife Ecology. Wildlife restoration techniques; biometry; conservation biology; habitat modeling and management.

Daniel Cha, Civil & Environmental Engineering. Population dynamics of biological wastewater treatment processes; biotransformation of environmental contaminants in natural and engineered systems.

Tracy DiLiberty, Geography. Geographical information systems; climatology; remote sensing.

Steven Dentel, Civil & Environmental Engineering. Application of colloid and interface science to water and wastewater treatment processes.

Dominic DiToro, Civil & Environmental Engineering. Water quality modeling; water quality and sediment quality criteria models for organic chemicals, metals, mixtures; organic chemical and metal sorption models; statistical models.

Cathleen Geiger, Geography. Impact of geophysical scale ice-water phase change on transportation and national security.

Judy Hough-Goldstein, Entomology & Wildlife Ecology. Biological control; plant/insect interactions; invasive plants; insect pest management.

Chin-Pao Huang, Civil & Environmental Engineering. Industrial wastewater management; aquatic chemistry; soil and groundwater remediation; environmental nanomaterials and processes.

Deb Jaisi, Plant & Soil Sciences. Environmental biogeochemistry of both pristine and contaminated environments.

Yan Jin, Plant & Soil Sciences. Contaminant fate and transport; water quality technology.

David Legates, Geography. Hydroclimatology, precipitation and climate change; computational methods.

Julia Maresca, Civil & Environmental Engineering. Microbial responses to environmental inputs using high-throughput sequencing, bacterial genetics and physiology.

Kent Messer, Applied Economics and Statistics . Environmental conservation; provision of public goods; behavioral response to risk.

James Pizzuto, Geological Sciences. Fluvial geomorphology.

Afton Clarke Sather. Water policy and governance; sustainable development; water governance in China; environmental inequality and justice.  

Amy Shober. Soil fertility and nutrient management; interactions between soil/water management and environmental quality.

Yda Schreuder, Geography. Global resources, development and the environment; sustainable development; global climate change policies; international migration.

Angelia Seyfferth. Contaminant and nutrient cycling at the plant-soil interface; biogeochemistry; international agriculture; plant-uptake of contaminants and nutrients.  

Rodrigo Vargas. Ecosystem processes, greenhouse gas fluxes, ecohydrology, micrometeorology, biogeochemistry, data-mining, global environmental change.

Young-Doo Wang, Center for Energy & Environmental Policy. Energy and environmental policy; economic analysis of alternative energy options; econometric applications.

Christopher Williams, Entomology & Wildlife Ecology. Wildlife population ecology; wildlife-habitat interaction; upland game bird ecology; waterfowl ecology.

Eric Wommack, Plant & Soil Sciences. Viral processes within natural ecosystems; viral metagenomics.

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