1. What is VoIP?
VoIP is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. Phone calls are transmitted over the data network with our computing data traffic, eliminating the need to maintain a separate voice network.
2. Why has our phone service changed?

The existing voice network has served us well for many years. Unfortunately, as with any type of infrastructure, some of the cabling is beginning to wear and is expensive to repair. It has become economical to consolidate our voice calls with the data traffic, eliminating the need to maintain two cabling plants.

In addition, the current voice service does not give us the opportunity to access some of the new voice features that VoIP provides, and the service levels on the current voice network are becoming problematic.

3. Is there a shortcut to access my voice mail?
Yes. The shortcut to access your voice mail is the character string *VM (or *86). You must be using your own VoIP phone on campus or another campus VoIP phone for this shortcut to work.
4. What is the line cost?
The line cost remains the same at $15.00 a month.
5. What features will my new phone have?

In addition to the features you had before, you will be able to:

  • Send voice mail .wav files to your email instead of listening to your messages on the phone.
  • Review a log of incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Have more than one incoming call for your number.
  • Make domestic long distance calls for free.
  • See a voice mail indicator.
  • Simultaneously ring your desk phone and your cell phone (charges will apply).
6. Will there be training provided on the new system?
In addition to the on-site training provided during summer 2013, training is being organized for 2014.
7. I depend on voice mail when I'm not at my desk. Will my voice mailbox change too?
You will have a new voice mailbox, integrated with the VoIP service that you will need to record a new message for.
8. How do I activate the feature for my voice mail to be sent to my email account as a .wav file?
To activate the feature for your voice mail messages to be sent to your email account as a .wav file, you must send email to Telephone Services. Telephone Services cannot implement this feature if you call to make the request.
9. Will we still be able to do a 4-digit dial from campus number to campus number?

4-digit dialing will remain the same on a VoIP phone.

10. How many people can join a conference call?
A total of six people can participate on a conference call, internal or external.