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Tier 2, The Engaged Leader, is open to all students who have earned a Tier 1 certificate. Students participate in a fall leadership retreat to focus on goals, objectives, team effectiveness and an in-depth study of the principles of both The Leadership Challenge and The Social Change Model of leadership. Small groups work together throughout the year designing projects and engaging in activities in exploration of the competencies and principles. Tier 2 projects should be presented as short documentaries. Click here to see presentations by 2012-2013 Tier 2 participants.

Tier 2 is an 8-month program that runs from September through April.

All Tier 2 participants should attend the Tier 2 Retreat, September 19-21 in Ocean City, MD.

Registration: May 15 - September 12, 2014

Registration Fee: $100.00 for Undergraduate students, $150 for Graduate students: Can be paid by check made payable to the University of Delaware

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Check out "Swell" from the Tier 2 Retreat!