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Students who complete Tier 1, The Emerging Leader level of BHLP by the start of the spring semester, are eligible to register for Advanced Tier 1. You do not need to complete Advanced Tier 1 in order to register for Tier 2. There is no additional fee for Advanced Tier 1.

The goals of Advanced Tier 1:

How it works:
  1. Register for Advanced Tier 1 through the BHLP website at
  2. Earn an additional 8 BHLP credits by attending workshops and other programs. The online workshop entitled Successful Group Facilitation is required as one of the 8; you will need the password, 'Delaware', to access the workshop.
  3. Roundtable discussion:
    1. By March 9, 2015 - Create and have approved by Susan Luchey or Matthew Creasy the topic for a 60 minute roundtable leadership discussion that you will facilitate. The topic must be based on a current event, on a Ted Talk ( or an element of pop culture (movie, television show, book, video game). You are to prepare talking points based on your subject matter, including how it illustrates at least one of the 5 practices of exemplary leadership (Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, Encourage the Heart). You should prepare your roundtable based on the following outline:
      1. Introduction to topic
      2. Link of leadership model
      3. Discussion points or questions
      4. Summary
    2. Choose the date, time and place to hold your roundtable. You may reserve use the BHLP center at any time we are open; contact BHLP staff at the Student Leadership Center, (302) 831-7622, to schedule your roundtable.
    3. Each roundtable will be attended by a BHLP Tier 2 or 3 participant or staff member who will distribute and collect evaluations of the discussion.
    4. Tier 1 and Advanced Tier 1 students may earn BHLP credits by attending your roundtable. In addition, you may invite students from your residence halls, etc.
    5. You must complete a self evaluation or reflection on experience.
  4. You must still complete your Tier 1 poster presentation.
  5. Advanced Tier 1 participants are eligible for both Tier 1 and Advanced Tier 1 awards, but only one award may be earned per person / per year.

Registration: Open until February 23, 2015

Registration Fee: None

REGISTER for all tiers of BHLP via the link at the top of this site!