REGISTER FOR BHLP: Tier 1 | Advanced Tier 1

Registration for all other tiers is currently closed. Please address inquiries to Susan Luchey at

BHLP is open to all enrolled University of Delaware students. Students must start with Tier 1, The Emerging Leader certificate level, and then may progress through Tiers 2 and 3. Advanced Tier 1 is not required for enrollment in Tier 2.

In order to work towards and complete the Certificates of Excellence in Leadership in multiple tiers, and to qualify for our awards, students must register and pay an enrollment fee for each tier. Students may attend up to 4 workshops in Tier 1 before a fee is required.

Students enrolling in Tier 1 must also attend an Information Session (see Current Program schedule).

Most fees may be paid by credit card, check or cash at the Information Session or anytime through the first month of the semester by coming to the BHLP Leadership Center, Trabant 157A. Checks should be made payable to the University of Delaware.

The fees are as follows:
Tier 1, The Emerging Leader - $60 (graduate students $100)
Tier 2, The Engaged Leader - $100 (graduate students $150)
Tier 3, BHLP Community Fellows- $50 (graduate students $150)
There is no charge for Advanced Tier 1 or for Tier 4.

Fees are used to help cover the cost of some supplies and programs, including cost of final posters for Tier 1 and the fall retreat for Tiers 2 and 3. Registered BHLP students receive a t-shirt and padfolio.

Fees may be paid in two increments if paid by check, with the first half payable by September 30 and the second half payable by November 1. Registrations received after October 3 will be subject to a $10 late fee.

Students receiving pell grants or other forms of federal financial aid may have their fees reduced or waived. For questions regarding this, please contact Susan Luchey.