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Criteria for Tier 1 / Advanced Tier 1 Posters

Your poster is a representation of your personal Tier 1 journey as an Emerging Leader. In creating your poster, you should draw from the reflections you have written for each of the 10 or more BHLP workshops/programs you have attended. We are looking for key ideas, evidence of personal growth and increased self-awareness, and illustrations or explanations of what you have learned about< leadership. Students earning the Advanced Tier 1 certificate should include reference to their leadership round table on their poster. Tier 1 students will need to sign up to have their poster printed, and sign up for a presentation time in person in the BHLP office. Sign-ups will start March 9 and continue through March 26. Once your poster has been printed, please bring it to the BHLP office. All posters must be recieved by the BHLP office by April 28. Posters will be presented on May 4, 5 and 6. BHLP Tier 1 scholarships will be awarded to winning posters. Posters will be judged on the following criteria:

Professional Appearance – free from grammar errors, high quality images, easy to understand and read

Creativity – use of images, graphics, photos, creative design to enhance textual content and theme (personal journey as an Emerging Leader)

Content- poster must include:
• your name
• your guiding core values,
• your true color(s),
• reference to your personal understanding and application of the 5 practices of exemplary leadership (M.I.C.E.E.),
• key ideas from each workshop/program you attended, ideally extracted from your journal reflections.

Articulation – your ability to explain and elaborate on poster content and personal growth through participation n BHLP Tier 1.

Posters should be designed and printed to be 24" x 35.5".
Posters may be printed in the library media services area.

You may start from scratch and create your own design, or you may use a poster template. Some examples can be found here and here.

Hints for making creative posters can be found here.

Check out our sample posters: