From our student leaders...
Upon completion of the BHLP, I have a much better idea of how to become a great leader. I hope to continually apply the knowledge I have gained as a leader throughout my life.
-Jacob Magnan, Class of 2012
I have already started to implement the things that I have learned throughout the program. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this prestigious program.
-Eric Oppenheimer, Class of 2012
The BHLP has pushed me to the limit as a person. As a result, I have not only become a better leader, but also a better listener.
-Clyde Broderick, Class of 2013
Before BHLP, I could count on one hand the number of times I had raised my hand in class. BHLP taught me that my opinions matter and that I can speak for myself. I have something meaningful to contribute and my thoughts deserve to be heard.
-Tracie Ervin , Class of 2012, BHLP scholarship winner
When I joined the BHLP, I did not consider myself a leader at all. Through these programs, I learned a lot this semester about leadership in general, but more importantly, I learned about myself and how leadership actually does apply to my life.
-Brittany Enslin, Class of 2013, BHLP scholarship winner
Being in this program has not only helped me grow as an individual, but has also helped further my appreciation for the people I work with and the athletes I row with. I have been shown my strengths, but also found my weaknesses, and hope that my continued participation in this program will help me become the leader I know I can be.
-Laura Wertman, Class of 2012, BHLP scholarship winner
I am now able to understand that to be a great leader, I need to adapt and change based on the objectives, needs of group members, and situational factors. I believe the BHLP has prepared me to perform the best I can as a leader.
-Robin Samuels, Class of 2012, BHLP scholarship winner
BHLP has become one of the most useful tools so far in preparing me for my future in the political world.
-Abby Barber, Class of 2014, BHLP scholarship winner
After attending my first BHLP event, I was hooked. I soon realized that this program has benefits beyond just a resume builder – it could make me a more competent RA, and it could improve my overall confidence and effectiveness as a leader.
-Breann Luff, Class of 2014
Since becoming involved with the BHLP, I have obtained a leadership position in my sorority, achieved my goal of becoming a Blue Hen Ambassador, and have overcome my fear of voicing my opinions.
-Morgan Martinez, Class of 2013
Thanks to the BHLP, I have become a better person, and I am now confident that I can lead others on the path to success. [BHLP] has given me the courage to be the best person I can be.
-Nina Pusateri, Class of 2011
The BHLP has been my biggest aid in transitioning into college life. Through this program I have met one of my best friends, and seen the benefits of a large campus.
-Jaemin Seo, Class of 2014

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