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Group Facilitation online workshop
Contact the Student Leadership Center, (302) 831-7622, for the password to this workshop and verification of credit.
For the first time ever BHLP is offering an online workshop, 'Effective Group Facilitation.' This is a collaborative process designed to facilitate you through the process of becoming a better group facilitator using tools, tips, and techniques based on tested theories. Proceed video by video, and engage others to collaborate with you on your own facilitation challenge. You can share or discuss each activity you do in a small group or in pairs. Even 3-minute conversations or quick, tweet-style sharing with a group can make a big difference. In order to earn credit for completing this online workshop, you should complete the comment form following the 4th module.  Your comment should discuss what specific tools and activities you will try to employ in facilitating a group.
Click here to access the workshop.