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Blue Hen Leadership Program Presents
QUEST: a First Year Summer Leadership Experience

QUEST 2015 Peer Mentors
Julia O'Reilly: Hi everyone! My name is Julia O'Reilly and I am a sophomore communications major from Topsfield, MA (yes, that makes me an avid Tom Brady fan). You will most likely run into me on campus at a Greek Life event, BHLP workshops, or on Main Street eating anything and everything. Aside from being in BHLP and a sorority, I am also a member of Care About Living More, or C.A.L.M., which is a meditation club on campus. My favorite part about QUEST is the visible growth that everyone experiences throughout the week; whether it's the moment they finally speak to a large group or making it all the way to the top of the rock wall, the excitement and pride on their face is not easy to forget and really makes the journey worthwhile. Getting the opportunity to do it last year I met my best friends on campus, and I can honestly say I couldn't have asked for a better start to college life. After QUEST, the workshops and social events in Tier 1 expanded not only my knowledge about what exactly makes a good leader, but also my circle of friends at my home away from home, and I wish I could do it all again. That being said, bring on QUEST 2015!
Matt Hopkins: Hey everyone, My name is Matt Hopkins. I am a sophomore from Glen Ridge, New Jersey and I am a Business Marketing major. The Blue Hen Leadership Program is an amazing, unique organization that I am proud to be a part of. Beyond completing Advanced Tier 1 of BHLP, I am a Senator for the Student Government Association, a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and a brother of the Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. QUEST allowed me to learn about my character and myself as a leader and introduced me to some of my best friends on campus! Through BHLP, I had to opportunity to attend a leadership conference in Orlando and continue my leadership journey. My favorite part of QUEST has to be the amazing relationships that are built throughout the experience. Participating in QUEST was one of the greatest experiences of my freshman year and you too will have an amazing experience!
Georgia DiMatteo: Hi guys! My name is Georgia DiMatteo and I am a senior Triple Language Major from Barrington, Rhode Island. I have been involved with QUEST for 2 years, having been a Quester my freshman year, and a Peer Mentor last year, and I can't wait to do it again this year. QUEST is an incredible and transformative experience. In just a few days friendships are formed, fears are put to rest, and trust is built. Every year QUEST changes me for the better- my freshman year it gave me confidence, last year it gave me unending support, and this year who knows! I guess we'll both find out soon. Other than being a QUEST Peer Mentor, I am also the president of the Rubber Chickens Improv Comedy troupe, I am enrolled in Tier 3 of BHLP, and I am a member of the UD Yoga Club. I love improv, travelling, reading, eating large amounts of food with friends, and taking long walks (classic). Interesting Fact: When I was 14 years old my People to People travel group forgot me at the Notre Dame. I sat on the steps of the cathedral for an hour and a half before they came back to get me.
Matt Kantner: Hey Questers, my name is Matt Kantner and I am a Junior from Bethlehem, PA. Currently I am studying Marketing, with a minor in Management Information Systems. Skiing, surfing, backpacking, and working on anything with a motor are some ways I enjoy spending my free time. Besides being a part of the Blue Hen Leadership Program, I am also a brother of the fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon, and a member of the UDance Executive Board for the past two years. My personal experience with the QUEST program was amazing! Like me, you will gain lasting friendships, and they will be some of the best days of your freshman year. I was hesitant about going to school early for this program but, once I arrived on campus, I quickly had a change of heart. Since QUEST and my continued involvement in BHLP, I have gotten to listen to amazing speakers, network with very successful people, and travel all over! From New Orleans to North Carolina to Puerto Rico, BHLP has given me so many great opportunities to thoroughly enjoy my time on campus, as well as gain valuable skills that I can take into "the real world". You all made a life-changing decision and I can't wait to meet every one of you this August!
Christine Hennessey: Hi friends!! My name is Christine Hennessey! I am a junior Elementary Education major from good old Ringoes, New Jersey. Aside from being a second year Peer Mentor, I am the Vice President of my sorority, a member of the Kappa Delta Pi Educational Honor Society, and a member of the National Residence Hall Honorary. I am also involved in two other RSOs on campus. I studied abroad this past winter in Spain and it was easily one of the best experiences I've gotten out of my time thus far at UD - aside from QUEST of course. QUEST is on a whole other level: it introduces you to some amazing people that you will always call your family, and is the perfect stepping stone into an amazing college experience. Hope to see you there!
Nick Martin: Hey QUESTers! My name is Nick Martin and I am originally from Norwood, Massachusetts. I am a senior majoring in Chemical Engineering and have been conducting research, pertaining to renewable energy, on campus for three years. I currently serve as President for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and Treasurer for the Deep Roots Outreach Program, a group devoted to K-12 math and science outreach. Furthermore, I am heavily involved in music where I play the clarinet in the University of Delaware Wind Ensemble and the baritone saxophone in a saxophone quartet. This past April I traveled on tour with the UD Wind Ensemble to Taiwan where I performed at a number of venues. I have also studied abroad and done a number of service trips that have taken me to places like Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Italy, and France. My favorite thing about QUEST is that it truly gets to you step out of your comfort zone. College is all about trying new things and putting yourself out there, and QUEST will give you the tools to start off college on the right foot. Come to QUEST with an open mind, and you will have a blast!
Adam Goedecke: HI! I am Adam Goedecke, and I am from Newtown, Pennsylvania. I am currently a sophomore and still officially an Undecided Major here at UD; I am deciding between being either a Communications major, or maybe something in International Relations. When it comes to clubs on campus, I am mostly involved with organizations like BHLP and SLC. I love all sports but, mostly basketball and football, and growing up right outside of Philadelphia, I am a die-hard Philly sports fan. I love being a part of QUEST and BHLP. I have made so many connections through these programs and I am so excited to come back and be a part of the strong community that QUEST builds. QUEST was a huge help to my college transition and I can't wait to come back and get started helping you have the same great experience. Through BHLP I was able to go Puerto Rico during winter break of my freshman year. It was such an amazing experience to do community service and learn about a different culture while also building relationships with other students in the program. You have so much to look forward to, and I look forward to meeting you all!
Mark Schuler: Hey guys! I'm Mark Schuler and I'm local from Wilmington, DE just 35 minutes away from Newark. I'm currently studying to get a dual degree in Human Services and Sociology, and I am an active member in the UD Yoga club. This past year, I went to Florida for the first Lead365 Leadership Conference and also to New Bern, North Carolina for BHLP's Habitat for Humanity Alternative Spring Break Trip, both of which are phenomenal experiences. I also love traveling with my family, I recently got back from my second unforgettable year at the Firefly Music Festival, and you can find me working at Home Grown Cafe on Main Street this semester. You guys don't know this now, but you all signed up for a truly life- changing experience by choosing QUEST. I've made incredible friends through the program and BHLP has opened many doors for me as well. I can't wait to meet you all and I hope to be as instrumental in your UD experience as the Peer Mentors were during my freshman year!
Aidan Moran: I am a sophomore Exercise Science Major from Ashland, MA. I am involved in BHLP, Outing Club and Yoga Club on campus. My favorite thing about QUEST is that it gave me so many great friends to go through freshman year with. The friends that I made during QUEST are some of the best people I know and are always there for me. I aspire to become a physical therapist in the future because I want to help improve people's quality of life by allowing them to move better. I already explore and enjoy movement by practicing yoga daily, rock climbing often, and weight training regularly. The training methods that I practice have taught me a lot about optimistic, mindful, and caring; I try to share these values with everyone that I come across. I am also I huge animal lover, I have a 5 year old hound dog name Charlie that is one of my best friends.
Julie Millisky: Hi Questers!! I'm Julie Millisky, a UD-lovin' junior from Somerdale, New Jersey that cannot stop eating ice-cream and gets way too excited during Catchphrase. I'm a Public Policy major with minors in Environmental Humanities and Political Communication. This is my second year as a QUEST Peer Mentor, and I can proudly say joining the Blue Hen Leadership Program was the best decision I've ever made. My experiences with BHLP have ranged from rekindling my passion for the environment while hiking through waterfalls during a service trip in Puerto Rico, to creating a workshop about empowering women leaders after being inspired by a leadership conference in Disney World. This program will open so many doors for you and lead you to unbelievable opportunities and personal connections.On campus I'm involved with Tier 3 of BHLP, the Public Relations Student Society Association, and the Freshmen Year Seminar Program (feel free to ask me about Common Reader questions). The QUEST program has impacted my life in profoundly positive ways and I could not be more excited to share this upcoming experience with you!!
McKenzie Tsaousis: Hey Questers! My name is McKenzie Tsaousis. I am a sophomore here at the University of Delaware. Born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina with a Northern twist (because all of my family is from Long Island). I am also the oldest of three, but the oldest of four if you include my dog. As of this coming Fall semester I will be an Energy and Environmental Policy Major, along with minors in Spanish and Sustainable Infrastructure. I am extremely passionate about the environment and animals. This summer I studied abroad in Granada, Spain. It was an amazing experience, if you have the chance to study abroad I strongly suggest it. I am a very adventurous person who loves to explore new places and try new things. Even though I ended up with a few major injures freshman year I love to kayak, play volleyball, paddle board, snowboard, horseback ride, watch hockey, and hit the gym when I am healthy. I am also very passionate about photography. There isn't a moment when I am without my camera, or not the only one in the back trying to capture the moment. After the thousands of pictures for freshman year, I am excited to make new memories and take tons of pictures with all of you! Now that you have been accepted into QUEST go hug someone and pat yourself on the back. You are about to have an amazing time finding out about yourself and those around you. My favorite part about QUEST was meeting 71 other people in the same situation I was. We were all nervous to start college, and just trying to get our footing. As you go through QUEST you are going to meet amazing people, and quite possibly one of your best friends. I met some of my best friends through QUEST last year and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Now it's your turn and I can't wait for the other peer mentors and myself help you get there. Congratulations on being accepted into QUEST and I hope you are as excited to meet us as we are to meet you!
Sean Robertson: Hi! I am Sean, a sophomore at the University of Delaware. I am from Old Lyme, Connecticut and I absolutely love my state and home town, but UD has been so awesome! I am an Economics and Finance major and some activities that I did at UD as a Freshman were Dickinson Community Council, Resident Student Association, Blue Hen Leadership Program, Running Club and many other intramural teams. I joined UD Crew for about a week or so, but the time schedule was extremely demanding. I like to hike, go on excursions and I love all adventures in general. Last year QUEST changed my life, and it's honestly because of everyone involved. I hope you all have a great experience and I am looking forward to meeting every single one of you! I am so excited to be working with my QUESTers. Get Pumped! QUEST 2015!