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Blue Hen Leadership Program Presents
QUEST: a First Year Summer Leadership Experience

Tuesday, August 20 - Saturday, August 24

QUEST 2013 Peer Mentors
Qionghui (Joan) Lu: Hey everyone! My name is Qionghui Lu. I go by Joan. I am a sophomore here, hailing from Hockessin, Delaware, which is only 25 minutes away. I major in Accounting. I am involved with Blue Hen Leadership Program, InterVarsity, Association for Information Systems, and Russell-Lane-Thompson Complex Community Counsel. I will be a Career Ambassador starting this fall as well. I like to be active, cardio dance, hip-pop, zumba, and yoga, you name it. I love UD! I love the fact that there are so many opportunities to try new things. QUEST will be the start of your explorations. Looking back, the most memorable Quest moment for me is when everyone in the group shared stories about an important piece of his or her lives and we bonded immediately.
William Baker: What's up QUESTers? My name is William Baker, but you can call me Willy. I am a sophomore from Dover, Delaware. I study Accounting and Finance among other things here at the University of Delaware. I am actively a part of the Blue Hen Leadership program here on campus and am also a brother of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. I love the beach, swimming, working out, playing sports, and most importantly spending time with friends and creating memories that I will remember forever. QUEST started my freshman year off right, and I ask that you all keep an open mind for the next couple days and it will have the same effect on you. I can't wait to personally meet all of you! All of you here today made the best decision of your life by first off attending UD, and secondly, by choosing to be a member of QUEST. My freshman year was the best year of my life. I did well in school and created friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. You all made an excellent choice and my wish for all of you is that you enjoy your stay at the University of Delaware as much as I have!
Mackenzie Perkett: Hi Everyone. My name is Mackenzie Perkett and my hometown is Lake George, NY. I am a rising sophomore majoring in Health Behavior Science. My school activities include the Blue Hen Leadership Program, Health Behavior Science Club, Complex Community Council, and I am a member of the Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team. Something that makes me unique is that I am #3 out of 9 kids- I live in a very diverse household with siblings from China and Guatemala. My favorite thing about the University of Delaware is definitely playing ultimate frisbee. Joining frisbee has not only allowed me to meet some of my best friends at UD but it also has given me the opportunity to meet and play against other students from a wide variety of universities and colleges. My best memory of QUEST is creating long-lasting friendships that I was able to maintain and strengthen throughout my first year at UD.
Matthew Selba: Hello everybody, my name is Matt Selba and I am a sophomore here at UD. I come from Selbyville, DE, which is the southern most point in Delaware. I am a Statistics major. I am also part of the Blue Hen Leadership Program and the Sports Management Club. I am very passionate about many things, three of them being family, faith, and football. I come from a HUGE family, 6 brothers and 4 sisters! What I love about UD is the opportunity. Everywhere you go there is a chance to express yourself through Clubs and RSO's. My best memory from Quest would be making many great friends. Quest gives us the opportunity to have close relationships with people and by the end of the week we all feel like family.
Hayley Diverio: Hayley Diverio is a rising junior from Andover, NJ. She is majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Legal Studies with the hopes to go to law school. Other than being involved with the Blue Hen Leadership Program as a QUEST peer mentor, she is very excited about being a Student Assistant for BHLP. You may recognize her as one of the Orientation Leaders for New Student Orientation! Finally, she is a coxswain for the University of Delaware's Varsity Women's Rowing Team. An interesting fact about Hayley is that she has two German Shepherds, both of which surpass her in size! Lastly, she has been involved in the QUEST program as an incoming freshman as well as a peer mentor, and one of her favorite memories of QUEST was the QUEST 2012 skit night!
Thomas Mandala: Hello Everyone. My name is Tommy Mandala, I am a Junior from Staten Island, NY. I am an Exercise Science Major with minors in Strength and Conditioning and Journalism, and the intention of going to Physical Therapy school. I am proud to say that I have been involved with QUEST from the very beginning, first as a participant in the inaguaral year and then as a Peer Mentor last year. I made alot of great friends through QUEST, some of which I still live with today! As a Peer Mentor last year, I was blessed to receive the best group of students and am confident that will be the case again this year. Aside from being a member of the Blue Hen Leadership Program as well as a BHLP Student Assistant, I am a Blue Hen Ambassador, a participant in UD's alternative spring break program, a student in UD Honor's Program, and beginning next year will be writing for the UD Review. Personally, I love sports, cliff jumping, reading, working out, and anything adventurous. College has so many great things for students to experience and get involved in and you guys are definitely getting off on the right foot by participating in QUEST, see you soon!
Stephanie Leon: My name is Stephanie Leon and my hometown is Northport, New York. As a rising junior, I am majoring in International Relations. Out of class, I spend my time playing on the CAA Champion UD Women's basketball team, serving as a Student Athlete Advisory Counsel representative and a H.E.N.S. peer mentor. I have completed Tier 2 of the Blue Hen Leadership Program and am excited about going on to Tier 3! Something interesting about me is that I have been inside the Oval Office. What I love about UD is that there are so many things to get involved in! I can't wait to meet this year's QUESTers, because getting the chance to meet so many cool and different people is the best thing about QUEST!
Daniel Pietaro: Daniel is a junior from Stamford, Connecticut majoring in Environmental Science with an English minor. At the University of Delaware he starred in Delaware the Movie, an admissions video designed to promote the university. Daniel is also a part of the Blue Hen Leadership Program, Caesura Literary Magazine, and is in the process of establishing a parkour/freerunning club at the university. An interesting fact about him is that he played in President Obama's first inaugural parade. Daniels's favorite aspect of QUEST is seeing how quickly a group of freshman are able to connect with each other.
Sara Penchina: Sara is a junior from Ocean Township, New Jersey, majoring in Communication/English and Professional Writing. Over the years, she has been involved in Social Media Ambassadors, Public Relations Student Society of America, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, Her Campus Magazine - UDEL Branch, The Review, UDress Magazine, and BHLP! Her favorite thing about UD is that there is always something fun to do. It is so easy to get involved, and there are hundreds of clubs to choose from so you're sure to find something you're interested in trying. People at UD are extremely friendly and students can make friends from all over the world. Sara's favorite thing about QUEST was the opportunity to meet many new people before the start of the new year, and getting a chance to participate in tons of cool activities with them that helped her step out of her comfort zone.
Jessica Colton: Jessica is a Health Behavior Science major from Briarcliff Manor, New York. She is involved in the sorority Kappa Alpha Theta, the Blue Hen Leadership Program, and of course, being a Peer Mentor for QUEST! Something fun about Jessica is that she plays the ukulele. Her favorite thing about UD is being exposed to a variety and diverse amount of activities that you can get involved in and the amount of friends you can make through those activities. She was a participant in QUEST her freshman year and her best memory of QUEST was becoming best friends with her current fellow Peer Mentor, Kelsey, through the various bonding experiences!
Kelsey Henry: Kelsey Henry, from Emerson, NJ, is a junior working towards a Marketing major with a minor in Organizational & Community Leadership. At UD, Kelsey is a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity and Blue Hen Leadership Program. Her favorite thing about UD would be the endless opportunities to get involved and to make a big school seem small. Her favorite Quest memory would be climbing up the rock wall blindfolded. She is so excited to meet all the new Questers!
Megan FitzGerald: Megan FitzGerald, a rising junior, studies Cognitive Science at the University of Delaware. After meeting the class of 2017 as a New Student Orientation Leader, Megan is ecstatic to get to know this year's QUESTers. She is passionate about helping others feel connected and find their niche at UD. Megan is a member of the StUDent Government Association and Sigma Kappa Sorority. She has studied abroad and participated in undergraduate research. Megan's goal for each QUEST student is that they complete the program with more confidence and motivation than they started.