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Blue Hen Leadership Program Presents
QUEST: a First Year Summer Leadership Experience

QUEST 2014 Peer Mentors
Mackenzie Perkett: Hey QUESTers! My name is Mackenzie Perkett and I proudly call Lake George, New York my home. I am a junior here at UD, majoring in Health Behavior Science and minoring in Public Health. I have been involved with QUEST and The Blue Hen Leadership Program since freshmen year as a participant and was honored to be a Peer Mentor for the program last year. This year, I will be a returning Peer Mentor and I could not be more excited to meet you! Through BHLP, I have had so many incredible opportunities and learning experiences, including traveling to New Orleans for a leadership conference and Puerto Rico for a sustainability service trip. Not only am I heavily involved in The Blue Hen Leadership Program, but I am also an active member of the Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team. I'm love being active outdoors, participating in adventurous activities, and traveling to different countries and experiencing new cultures. As a Peer Mentor, my goal is to make freshmen feel confident and excited to attend the University of Delaware. There are endless opportunities for you to explore and find your niche, and you have already made the right choice by participating in QUEST! My favorite thing about QUEST is the long- lasting friendships that I am able to build, maintain, and strengthen throughout the year and beyond. See you all very soon!
Conor Lacy: What's up everybody? My name is Conor Lacy, I am from Unionville, PA and I'm a sophomore here at UD. I am a proud member of the University's Rugby Club, the Blue Hen Leadership Program, and Engineers without Borders. I am an Environmental Science Major with a Concentration in Ecology and Organismal Biology. I love going to the beach whenever I can and I'm always playing basketball or rugby, or being active in general when I'm not in class or studying. Quest 2013 was truly inspirational for me and I knew that I wanted to be a Peer Mentor so I could experience Quest again with a new perspective as a leader. Quest helped me focus my goals for school and personal development. In fact during the last fall semester I lost 30 pounds. I can't wait to help the next round of Questers begin their college experience with confidence.
Qionghui Lu: Hey everyone! My name is Qionghui Lu. I go by Joan. I am a junior here, accounting major, from Hockessin, Delaware. I was a QUESTer my freshmen year and then a QUEST Peer Mentor last year. Besides being a part of the Blue Hen Leadership Program, I am a Career Service Ambassador and I am involved with InterVarsity. I like to be active, cardio dance, hip-pop, ballroom, and yoga, you name it. I will be studying abroad in France and Belgium this summer. I love UD! I love the fact that there are SO many opportunities to try new things. QUEST will be the start of your explorations. Looking back, the most memorable Quest moment for me is when everyone in the group shared stories about an important piece of his or her lives and we bonded immediately.
Matthew Selba: Matt is a junior from Fenwick Island, Delaware, majoring in Statistics with minors in Economics and Mathematics. While going to the University of Delaware, Matt has participated in the Blue Hen Leadership Program, Sports Management Club, and the Math Club. During the summer, Matt bartends at the beach. What he loves most about UD is the opportunity, because there is always chance to express yourself and meet new people through Clubs and Student Organizations. Matt's best memory from Quest would be making many great friends. Quest gave him the opportunity to have close relationships with people, and by the end of the week he felt like he belonged to a family.
Margaret Mary Rilling: Margaret Mary, or MM, began her BHLP journey as a QUESTer last year. After a truly life-changing experience, she is incredibly excited to be living her dream as a Peer Mentor for 2014! When she's not spending an excessive amount of time hanging out in the BHLP office, MM enjoys blogging, online shopping, and taking Buzzfeed quizzes that don't relate to her life. A rising sophomore in the Honors Program, she recently changed her major from Chemistry to Accounting and Finance after taking an Econ course over winter session and discovering her affinity for graphs. Within UD, she is a StUDent Government Senator, a sister of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, and a member of the executive cabinet of Red, White, and Blue Hens, among other things. She can't wait to welcome all the new QUESTers into the BHLP family this August!
Georgia DiMatteo: Hey guys! My name is Georgia DiMatteo and I am a rising junior from Barrington, Rhode Island. I am a Triple Language Major, studying French, Italian, and Arabic, with an International Business Minor here at UD. Aside from academics, I am a tour guide for the university, I am a member of the UD Yoga Club, and I am Vice President for the Rubber Chickens, an improvisational comedy group here on campus. I have also been a member of the Blue Hen Leadership Program since the first few days of my freshman year when I was lucky enough to participate in the QUEST program. It was an experience that I will never forget- I became a member of a new family, learned valuable lessons, and I gained the confidence I needed in order to start my college career off strong. I am so looking forward to meeting you all and I can't wait for you guys to share in this incredible experience!
Matthew Schlogel: Hey everyone, my name is Matthew Schlogel but people usually call me by my last name. I am a rising sophomore Electrical Engineering major hopefully graduating in the Spring of 2017. The Blue Hen Leadership Program is an unparalleled organization and I am proud to say that I am an active participant. On campus I am a brother of the Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity, a member of the Academy of Self Defense student organization, and I work with Engineering Information Technologies. I love hanging out with my people, lifting at the Little Bob, and just all around having a great a time. Quest is hands-down the greatest thing that happened to me coming into college. My favorite aspect of Quest would be learning about all the opportunities and experiences that my new home at UD had to offer.
Ellisa Rosen: Hey everyone! My name is Ellie Rosen and I am a sophomore here at UD! I am from Robbinsville, NJ, but I'm so glad I chose to go to UD! Right now I have two majors and two minors; I am working toward Business and Psychology majors and Chinese and Dance minors. In addition to being an active member of the Blue Hen Leadership Program, I am currently treasurer for the Delaware Repertory Dance Company here on campus, treasurer of the National Honor Society of Dance Arts, and a member of the Women in Business club. I love going to yoga, hanging out with friends, and spending my time trying new things, which is easy to do with all of the opportunities here. QUEST is going to be an amazing experience; you will make lasting friendships and bonds that will lead to an awesome start of freshman year! I hope everyone is as excited as I am for QUEST 2014!
Matthew Kantner: Hey Questers, my name is Matt Kantner and I am a sophomore from Bethlehem, PA. Currently I am studying Finance and Marketing, with a minor in Management Information Systems. Besides being a part of the Blue Hen Leadership Program, I am also a brother of the fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon, a member of the UDance Junior Executive Board, and a tour guide here on campus. Through the QUEST program you will gain lasting friendships, and they will easily be the best days of your freshman year. To be honest, I was hesitant about going to school early for this program but once I arrived on campus I quickly had a change of heart. Since QUEST I have gone to both North Carolina and New Orleans through BHLP. You all made a life-changing decision and I can't wait to meet every one of you!
Julie Millisky: Julie Millisky is a UD-lovin' sophomore from Somerdale, New Jersey. She is pursuing majors in Communication and Public Policy. During her freshman year, Julie jumped in with both feet and became President of her resident hall complex's Green Team, completed Advanced Tier 1 of BHLP, and joined the Public Relations Student Society Association. Through BHLP, she got the chance to go on the very 1st BHLP service trip to Puerto Rico. Julie's favorite thing about UD is how happy the campus is, and how college is so busy and fun. Her favorite Quest memory is the huge bonfire sing-a-long on the last day, and all the lasting friendships that were celebrated dancing at the banquet. Julie is extremely excited to spend time with her group of Questers!
Christine Hennessey: Hi guys! My name is Christine Hennessey and I'm an incoming sophomore. I'm from Flemington, New Jersey (actually Ringoes, but nobody knows where that is) and am studying Elementary Education. Aside from the Blue Hen Leadership Program, I am actively involved in many aspects of residential life here on campus, including the Resident Student Association and the National Residence Hall Honorary. I am a sister of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority and a member of a few RSOs as well. A little fun fact is that I will be studying abroad this winter in Spain! Also, I was a QUEST participant my freshmen year, and it was by far one of the best experiences of my life (regardless of how cheesy that may sound). Get ready for all the wonderfulness to come! Can't wait to meet you!
Nickolas Martin: Hey QUESTers! My name is Nick Martin and I am a rising junior originally from Norwood, Massachusetts and am majoring in Chemical Engineering with minors in Sustainable Energy Technology and Environmental Engineering. In addition to being a Tier 3 participant in the Blue Hen Leadership program this fall, I am also involved in the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and am currently working to implement a math and science outreach program on campus. I am also a member of the University of Delaware Wind Ensemble, playing the contrabass clarinet, and a member of the saxophone quintet, playing the baritone saxophone. Something interesting about me is that I was almost a black belt in karate before coming to college. My favorite thing about the University of Delaware is the people. Everyone here, from the students to faculty, are super welcoming and always willing to help you out. You are making the right decision to participate in QUEST, because you will already have a bunch of friends before classes even start! I look forward to meeting all the 2014 QUESTers!