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The Blue Hen Leadership Program believes that service and service experiences are inextricably linked with leadership development. In promoting this belief, we offer community service experiences each month for students registered in the program. Some of these events may be held on campus; many of them will be held at off campus locations. BHLP will provide transportation for a limited number of students for each off-campus event.

Check back here for updates to our monthly service events! For questions, please contact Matthew Creasy, Assistant Director of the University Student Centers for Leadership Development, or Zack Granat, BHLP Student Assistant for Service Initiatives:


Zack Granat is the BHLP Student Assistant who coordinates our monthly service initiatives. Zack is an incoming junior from River Vale, New Jersey. This is his third year being involved in the BHLP as both a student worker and a Tier 3 participant. His passion for service began in high school where he was a large advocate for community service and felt this experience would allow him to bring community service to play a more significant role in the leadership program. In Zack's words: "It is my goal to pick events that will allow students to actively engage with the people/organizations they are assisting and have a variety of types of service. So far, it has been a great experience and the BHLP community is always ready to participate. This past year we had over 200 people signup for our annual Day of Service and I hope to continue increasing our impact!"