Guidelines for Use of Harrington Beach and Independence Artificial Turf Fields:

Event Time Period: Field Protection:

Reinforced vinyl tarps covered with one layer of plywood is needed for:
Light Events (w/applied loads of less than 40psi) Reinforced vinyl tarps with one layer of 3/4" thick plywood is needed for:
Medium Events (w/applied loads between 40 to 60psi) Heavy duty reinforced vinyl tarps covered with two (2) layers of ¾" thick plywood is needed for:
Heavy Duty Events (w/applied loads of more than 60psi) To reserve the field:

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations for all University Student Centers space reservations must be made via the Cancellation/Change Form by 3:30pm on the last business day prior to the event to avoid incurring a charge, with the following exceptions:

Contact the Event Services Office at (302)831-2633 if you have any questions.