Student Organization Travel/Use of University Vehicles
Registered Student Organizations are allowed to make travel plans as an organization and host trips within the Continental United States as long as the trips fall within the mission of the organization and during specific allowable times (see below). The University encourages student leaders to carefully review travel plans, destinations, hotel information, etc to ensure the utmost safety of all participants. Student leaders need to think about weather and how it may affect travel, and about accessibility to nearby emergency facilities like a hospital, police, park ranger, in case of emergency. Participants in the trip should bring a long a cell phone, and before leaving may want to let their parents and roommate(s) know about their travel plans.

Travel to anywhere outside the Continental United States may only be done by a Registered Student Organization if the trip is part of an Academic Service Learning Program or part of a Study Abroad Program.

Trips may not be scheduled during any period of time when the University is closed such as Thanksgiving break, Holiday Break, etc. Organizations may not use University vehicles during the summer. Any trips during spring break must still fall within the mission of the Registered Student Organization and be within approved distance unless the organization's registered advisor or other University official is chaperoning the trip.

All Registered Student Organizations must fill out the Mandatory Trip Form [PDF] when planning a trip. All organization travel is approved by the Associate Director with consideration of destination, safety, etc.

If any time during a trip there is an emergency, accident, etc, a student participant should immediately notify the University's Public Safety by calling (302) 831-2222.

Using Own Vehicle for Organization Purposes
The use of private automobiles/vehicles on business for student organizations is permitted though not encouraged. Organizations must fill out the appropriate paperwork to be granted this privilege. It is best if private vehicles only be used for organization purposes when the driver is the only occupant of the car. Organizations using many private vehicles for organization purposes (like a trip) are encouraged to use University vehicles instead.

Gas receipts submitted for reimbursement of travel expenses must include a Mandatory Trip Form [PDF] and include mileage information. RSOs will not receive 100% reimbursement of gas expenses unless it is proven that the mileage travelled equals the gas used or if the RSO traveled in a vehicle from Motor Pool.

Whenever RSO travel plans change, the trip leader must contact the staff in 015G Perkins Student Center by calling 302-831-2428 immediately with an updated travel itinerary.