Official Rules of Play for Sport/Recreation Registered Student Organizations at the University of Delaware
Participation in a Recreational Student Organization can be a rewarding experience. The opportunities for recreation and entertainment are varied and many. However, it is essential that preventive measures be taken when engaging in the activity in order to avoid accident or injury.

Agreement to Participate
Each member of a Recreation Organization must be a full-time matriculated undergraduate at the University of Delaware. In addition, each individual must complete an Agreement to Participate form and have it on file in the Student Involvement Office before participating in any group activities, including try-outs, practices, or other events in which physical activity occurs. Forms are available in the Student Involvement Office.

General Guidelines
The development of safety regulations for your Recreation Organization activities is necessary. In establishing these guidelines, you must take into account all possible situations and circumstances. Following is a partial listing of those areas in which safety guidelines are necessary. Please ensure that these issues are considered when establishing and maintaining your safety rules.

Points Which Must be addressed

Points Which Should be addressed (If Appropriate for the Particular Organization) Equipment
Organization officers are responsible for the inspection of facilities, equipment owned by the organization, and equipment storage that is managed by the organization so as to ensure high standards of safety and preventive care. Recreational equipment may be used by organization members only. Inventory of owned equipment needs to be completed for each organization's own record, and Student Center Allocation Board-funded equipment must be inventoried and storage accounted for.

Equipment owned by the individual participant is the responsibility of the owner to maintain and inspect for his/her own personal safety. If an officer or responsible member of the organization believes that the condition of a participant's personally owned equipment is endangering others, then the organization has the right and responsibility to remove that participant from the activity.

In case of injury to any group member, whether on campus or off, medical assistance is required. All accidents or injuries must also be reported to the Student Involvement Office by stopping in the office and completing a Sport/Recreation Organization Accident/Injury Report. Note: Blank Accident/Injury Report forms are only available inside the Student Involvement Office. No injury is too minor for medical attention - treat all injuries or accidents as serious ones.

If the injury occurs on-campus contact the Student Health Service or the Sports Medicine Clinic. If off-campus, seek appropriate medical assistance within the area and inform the Sports Medicine Clinic of the injury.

The following medical emergency response plan can be utilized when trainers or other medical staff are not immediately available:
  1. Have an organization member(s) certified in first aid available at all activities.
  2. If qualified, administer first aid immediately, if not, send for medical assistance.
  3. To prevent further injury, supervise the injured person until medical assistance arrives.
  4. Do not move a person with a suspected back, head, or neck injury, since any improper movement can exacerbate the underlying injury.
  5. Identify the serial number of any and all protective equipment issued to the injured person.
  6. Keep the injured person's equipment isolated and do not re-issue it or release it from organization or University possession.
  7. Obtain statements from all witnesses, including coaches, teammates, referees, and others who observed the injury.
  8. If possible, take a picture of the scene of the accident before conditions change.
  9. Never admit fault of the organization or University for the injury.
Important Numbers
Student Involvement Office | (302)831-2428
Ambulance/Public Safety | (302)831-2222
Carpenter Sports Building Information Desk | (302)831-8600
Health Center | (302)831-2226
Ice Arena | (302)831-2868
Intramural & Recreation | (302)831-2539
Motor Pool | (302)831-8471
Newark Police | (302)366-7111
Sports Information | (302)831-8139
Sports Medicine Clinic | (302)831-2482