Food/Catering at Student Organization Events
University Catering is usually required if planning on having food at a meeting/event on campus. However, the following exceptions (Location, Ethnic/Specially Prepared, Donated) have been approved for recognized student organizations. Please read carefully as a number of criteria must be met for each exception….

  1. Location: If your event is in one of these Perkins Student Center rooms:
    Williamson, Read, Collins, Alumni, Kirkwood, Rodney, Gallery, Ewing, or Bacchus
    Or if your event is in one of these Trabant University Center rooms:
    205, 206, 207, 209/211, 219, or Multipurpose rooms
    Then you may bring your own or non-UD catered food under the following guidelines…
  2. Ethnic/Special Prepared: If your event requires specific unique ethnic food or specially prepared food then you may submit recipes, at least 3 weeks prior to the event, to Dining Services to prepare your food or request a waiver to have an outside caterer supply the food. We encourage you to provide recipes to Dining Services in the event the selected vendor cannot comply with Department of Health standards and insurance requirements. Contact Dining Services/Catering for specific information and regulations at (302) 831-2891.
  3. Donated food: Student organizations may be eligible for a food waiver if the food is donated by a licensed and insured commercial food establishment that meets DOH standards and University guidelines. The food cannot be for resale purposes. Please contact Brian Schea, Director of Catering, at (302)831-2891 for additional information including all requirements that must be met by the donating establishment.
Please be aware that your organization will be responsible for all clean up of food/beverage waste. Excessive clean-up fees will be charged to your organization for any excessive mess or damage. Food is for event attendees only, not for the general public, and not for re-sale purposes. Violation of this policy will result in possible judicial sanctions, excessive cleaning fines, and/or suspension of reservation privileges for not less than one academic semester.

Campus Areas Where Food is Never Allowed (Even if UD catered):
Other than approved designated areas for concessions or catering, food and beverages of any kind are not permitted in:
Academic Classrooms
Mitchell Hall
Pearson Hall
Carpenter Sports Building
Bob Carpenter Convocation Center
Roselle Center for the Arts
Trabant Theater

Food Purchase Guidelines & Restrictions
Executive boards are prohibited from using the standard allocation or club dues to pay for executive meals. Groups may have start and end of the year banquets for leadership but no more than a total of $200 of the Standard Allocation can be used on banquets. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in the members either not being reimbursed or a poor audit for the following semester.

RSOs are permitted to use deposited revenue and donations to pay for such banquets. Also, RSOs are permitted to use its' Standard Allocation to pay for food expenses at events open to the entire campus. However, clubs are encouraged to require payment to better offset club expenses.

Food at Fall/Spring Activities Night
Delaware State Law prohibits Student Organizations from providing any prepared food at Activities Night. Pre-packaged snacks and candy (like mini-candy bars, mints, and gum) are allowed but members of the organization must keep these items individually wrapped. Pre-packaged foods cannot be opened and modified in any manner (i.e. opening sealed bread and peanut butter to create sandwiches).