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From our clients...
Cathy was very attentive - she noticed that we needed an extension cord for our laptop and even taped it to the floor. The events staff also brought in an extra small table to allow for a "sign-in" area for attendees.
-Institute for Public Administration
I really appreciate the last minute flexibility from the Student Events team. Thank you so much!
-Gamma Phi Beta
Staff did an excellent job. We frequently use rooms at the Perkins Student Center for workshops and every time the staff has provided excellent support for the events.
-Institute for Public Administration
We made some minor changes to the room setup and the TUC staff was very responsive and helpful with all of our changes.
-School of Education
The technician was very helpful with the projector.
-Multicultural Greek Congress (MGC)
Event went without a hitch. Excellent IT/AV support. Staff frequently checked with us to see if everything was going OK. Catering service was excellent. Thank you for everything.
-Research Office
Once again thank you to the many people who work behind the scenes to make us look good! Special thanks to Darlene Cartwright and Wally (the on-site Catering manager) and the chefs for customizing our menu. The white chocolate mousse and cardamom cider were huge hits! Thank you!
-IT Academic Technology Services
The staff was great. We needed to switch rooms each day and they were extremely helpful in transfering the equipment and helping the attendees.
-Public Safety
The room was perfect. I forgot to inform them that I needed to project a computer and called that morning. When we arrived, someone was there to do the hook up and was very helpful and courteous. Successful event!
-Registrar's Office
I enjoy hosting any events in the Perkins Student Center, the staff is enjoyable, helpful, and very skilled.
-Records Management
The staff were all very helpful and accommodating as we realized we would need more chairs than expected!
-Rubber Chickens
Cathy and Vince as well as the custodial staff are always extremely helpful making sure we have everything we need. They always have a smile and are glad to help.
-Human Resources
Everything was wonderful more than we expected. Thanks very much.
-Office of Student Support Services
I had a very good experience and the event went very smoothly, thanks to the Event Services staff.
-Alpha Lambda Delta
At the last minute, we brought our laptop computer over to present a Power Point presentation. The technician helped us immdediately. Thanks.
You all do a terrific job and it is very much appreciated!
-Latin American Studies
Thank you for all of your assistance with our event! Everything ran smoothly, and guests had an amazing experience.
Overall a very nice experience. The catering staff went above & beyond the call of duty when we were "running out" of food. Many thanks to all the staff that contributed to our event.
-Academic Technology Services
The building manager, Greg I believe is his name, was incredibly helpful and polite as usual. This was a more complicated show than I am used to running, due to more equipment requests/sound check requirements. Tom, the technician who helped out, did a fantastic job and was always available when we needed him to set up or test out equipment.
-Take The Mic
It is always a pleasure working with the University Student Centers. Any request we needed, they were there to help, even last minute requests. Our biggest issue with trash/recyclables and the Event Services staffed helped us out a lot in disposing of that.
-Alpha Phi Omega
Our technician was WONDERFUL!!!! He was so helpful and so kind!
Every member of the staff that I worked with was extremely helpful. From the planning stages to the actual event, every staff member that i asked for help was more than willing to help me.
Our techs were so helpful! Please let them know how much we appreciated their work!
-Rubber Chickens
As always,the staff stopped by to make sure we were okay and that everything was set up propoerly. Very much appreciate the excellent service they provide.
-College of Arts & Sciences, Dean's Office
I was extremely pleased with the service I received for the symposium. This was the first event I have planned, and everyone was very helpful (and patient!) throughout the process. Our laptop's mouse died right before the program started, and the technician immediately came to our rescue with a spare computer. Thank you!
-Physics & Astronomy
I think 209/211 is one of my favorite places on campus. It's so flexible. I may consider using it more than the spaces I've used before (I just hope it's available!).
-Office of Equity & Inclusion
All staff was extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with.
-Alpha Xi Delta
Everyone was very helpful and wonderful in assisting with this event!
The Event Services staff ALWAYS remains flexible and works very hard to make us look good!
-IT Academic Technology Services
We love our routine with Bacchus theater / the Perkins event staff. It's always a pleasure to hold our monthly shows there.
-Rubber Chickens
As always we had a successful event utilizing these facilities and your services. The room was perfect and the food was delicious and set out beautifully.
-College of Health Sciences
The only issue we had was that the piano had a padlocked cover, which I don't think anyone realized, but the event services staff was wonderful and fixed that as soon as they could. I thought that everyone we encountered was wonderful, and I would definitely give them all a gold star!
-Gamma Sigma Sigma
Outstanding! Although several months planning elapsed from initiation through completion, initial and final negotiations were always cordial and professional. The stass worked with MACSCC in a manner that exceeded expectations. Mr. Andrew Cretella and his staff met with me on the morning of the event and were cheerful, professional, courteous, and helpful throughout the day of the Symposium. All made us (MACSCC) feel welcome and were solicitous of our every reasonable request throughout the day. Amazing!
-Mid-Atlantic Chapter, Society of Cosmetic Chemists
IT/AV staff were very helpful, engaged, in meeting our needs for slide projection set-up and had all necessary microphones, auxiliary cables, and remote presentation pointers available. When we needed a "Speakers Panel Table" set up on the Dais, one was immediately provided, with microphone set-ups. I never even saw it being done, it was so seamless a process! Same comment when we needed a registration table set up outside the Multipurpose Room! Amazing!
-Mid-Atlantic Chapter, Society of Cosmetic Chemists
In the adjoining partitioned "luncheon room", I was amazed at how seamlessly, transparently, and well there was another wonderful screen was available and well positioned in the ceiling, and the laptop was connected to a second podium that was also made available in this second room. Amazing facility! Professional! Absolutely met our needs and exceeded our expectations! Made our Mid-Atlantic Chapter, SCC look really good....and made UD-Newark Trabant University Center look great, too!
-Mid-Atlantic Chapter, Society of Cosmetic Chemists

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Tournament Rules

  • Full-time Undergraduate and Graduate Students of the University of Delaware are eligible for compeition.
  • Each tournament will be double elimination--unless otherwise specified at the beginning of each tournament due to bracket size.
  • Length of each round for all tournaments will be based on bracket size and specified at the beginning of each tournament.
  • Brackets will be posted in the tournament location(s) to track the winner and losers of each round throughout the day.
  • Each tournament will have a staff member/volunteer responsible for mediating and scoring as well as available for judging on the rules.
  • Each tournament will adhere to the rules that pertain at the collegiate level--see each link for specific rules:

E-mail questions to Vince Jackson, Tournament Coordinator

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