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  Our Staff and Volunteers

UDEL Federal Credit Union is member-owned, member-run. The success of the credit union can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of our paid staff and unpaid volunteers.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are volunteers who manage the business policies of the Credit Union. The member-owners of the Credit Union elect the Board of Directors each year at the Annual Meeting. The Board then elects its officers at their meeting following the Annual Meeting. Current Board members are:

Gary Stokes, President (gstokes@udel.edu)
Jeff Palmer, Vice President (jpalmer@udel.edu)
Timothy Miller, Treasurer (tmiller@udel.edu)
Lionel Gilibert, Assistant Treasurer (lionel@udel.edu)
Patti Hall, Secretary (phall@udel.edu)
Lisa Huber (lhuber@udel.edu)
Maria Mullin (mullin@udel.edu)
Trudy Riley (triley@udel.edu)

Our Staff

To carry out the daily business of the Credit Union, the Board employs an office staff who work under the supervision of the Treasurer. Our staff members are:

Kathy Faries, Manager
Stephanie Beal, Assistant Manager
Ann Katorkas
Eloise Barczak


Working with the Board and with the support of the office staff, much of the work of the Credit Union is conducted by its committees. Most committee members are volunteers. The standing committees of the UDEL-FCU are:

  • Credit Committee -- evaluates loan applications and makes decisions regarding the making of loans

  • Supervisory Committee -- conducts ongoing audits of credit union activity to insure compliance with applicable regulations

  • Financial Advisory Committee -- monitors the financial climate and makes recommendations regarding credit union investments, dividend rates, and related policies

  • Education and Publicity Committee -- promotes educational activities for credit union members and volunteers and provides publicity

  • Loan Servicing Committee -- supervises collection activities on current and non-current loans

  • Nominating Committee -- collects information about the availability of members interested in volunteering their services and coordinate placement of those volunteers

  • Personnel Committee -- manages personnel policy issues and conducts searches when staff vacancies occur

  • Ad Hoc Computing Resources Committee -- assists the staff in troubleshooting computing problems and makes recommendations for computing equipment purchases