Telephone Services has issue a summary of what UD staff can expect to happen during and after the VoIP "cut over" process on Sept. 30.

VoIP 'cut over' process expectations

Telephone Services reports on what to expect during VoIP 'cut over' on Sept. 30


9:54 a.m., Sept. 26, 2013--University of Delaware Telephone Services has announced the “cut over” date for the new VoIP telephone service will be Monday, Sept. 30.

Telephone Services urges staff members to begin using their new VoIP phone the morning of Sept. 30. By noon that day, all inbound calls to the University should ring on the new VoIP telephones.

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What to expect during the “cut over” process

In general, here’s what will happen during the “cut over”:

  • The telephone number "porting" process will begin at 7 a.m.
  • The first part of the process is essentially preparing for the port and will take approximately two hours.
  • The second part of the process (beginning at approximately 9 a.m.) is the actual porting of the numbers and is expected to take no more than two hours.
  • By noon, all inbound calls to the University should ring on the new VoIP telephones.
  • Calls that are in progress will continue to work even if the number is ported while the call is taking place.

What to expect after the “cut over” process

  • Staff may continue to receive a dial tone on their old phone for up to a day, even after the port.
  • Four-digit dialing between numbers during port day may not work as expected. Staff who initiate a four-digit dialing string from a legacy telephone may receive an intercept message. On Sept. 30, Telephone Services suggests that staff use the full-digit dialing string when placing a call to another campus number: 9 + 302-831-xxxx (Newark); 9 + 302-645-xxxx (Lewes); 9 + 302-856-xxxx (Georgetown); and 9 + 302-735-xxxx (Dover).
  • On Sept. 30, an occasional outside caller may be unable to reach a staff member and may hear a message saying that the phone number being dialed has been disconnected. Staff should be aware of this situation in case they hear from outside callers that someone was unable to reach them on the port day.

Telephone Services urges staff to set up their VoIP voice mail before the “cut over.” You can find instructions for doing so for your model phone on the VoIP website. This website also provides much more information including an FAQ section.

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