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Newark Police will assist hosts with unwanted party attendees


12:38 p.m., Aug. 29, 2012--The Newark Police Department is concerned with criminal activity taking place at house parties – including armed robbery and the theft of valuable personal property – and, to ensure personal safety, is advising residents against allowing anyone into their homes who is not an invited guest.

Party hosts utilizing an “open door” policy of allowing unknown persons to enter their residences are creating opportunities for persons with criminal intent to victimize the host and invited guests.  Residents are strongly urged to strictly control who may access their homes.

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The department recognizes that it is sometimes difficult for the average person to maintain control of a large number of people, as in a party setting.  The department also understands that not every person who is refused access to a party is accepting of the refusal.

It is also recognized that summoning the police for assistance may be seen as a risk, since the host is subjected to enforcement of the noise ordinance.

The Newark Police Department embraces its responsibility concerning crime prevention and therefore is encouraging residents to call for police assistance in the event they are hosting a party and cannot control the attendees on their own.  These circumstances include unwanted/unknown persons inside the residence, uninvited persons refusing to leave or a crowd that has grown to an unmanageable number.

A party host requesting police assistance in such incidents will not be subject to the same enforcement action taken when a complaint is received from an independent caller.

It is the hope of the Newark Police Department that removing the fear of arrest will convince party hosts to call for police assistance before a serious problem arises.  

The department will continue to respond to all complaints of noise violations and similar disturbances from the general public.  The officers of the department will continue to strictly enforce the violations observed upon such responses.

In related news, the University of Delaware’s Student Wellness and Health Promotion is working with UD and Newark police on a campaign to ensure that students get the academic year off to a healthy and safe start.

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