Women of Promise honored during special event
Nancy Targett, dean of the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment, addresses those attending the Women of Promise dinner.


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8 a.m., Oct. 19, 2010----The University of Delaware's Office of Equity and Inclusion honored more than 150 undergraduate and graduate women at the annual Women of Promise dinner on Oct. 5. More than 100 tenured women faculty, as well as UD administrators, including President Patrick Harker, were in attendance.

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The University's tenured women faculty are invited to nominate exceptional women undergraduate and graduate students and then they accompany them to the dinner. The goal of the Women of Promise dinner is to promote positive mentoring relationships between faculty and students, and to encourage students to continue succeeding in and out of the University.

Nancy Targett, dean of the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment, was the keynote speaker at the dinner.

In her “Lessons I Learned Underwater” keynote, she shared her experiences during her underwater research in the Caribbean and applied the important lessons she learned to the lives of the women students in the room.

She stressed the significance of friendships and mentorships, the importance of giving back, being conscious of the pitfalls of stereotyping, that one needs to understand and embrace their strengths and weaknesses, and to embrace life's challenges as opportunities.

This year's Women of Promise are:

Undergraduate students

Erica Adams, Lilla Alchon ,Victoria Allen, Alisssa Alker, Audrey Arcuri, Casey Artigliere, Rachel Bacon, Erin Bange, Rachel Bangser, Abigail Barber, Ioana Barkins, Arnetta Bayard, Marissa Berlant, Meredith Biedrzycki, Erica Boetefuer, Ashleigh Brown, Alice Carboni, Andrea Carosso, Amanda Chau, Regina Chung, Olivia Dalton, Sarah Davidson, Lauren Dougherty, Hilary Ducker, Sarah Elliott, Rebecca Fernandez, Christine Flynn, Jennifer Gallo, Ashton Gerding, Rebecca Godwin, Elizabeth Goodland, Sabrina Grasso, Katelyn Green, Samantha Greenberg, Kaitlyn Hall, Stephanie Halperin, Ashley Hardcastle, Courtney Hofferbert, Jamie Isaac, Shreya Jammula, Jennifer Kim, Heather Knabe, Christine Kukich, Darcy Kyle, Sarah Lavelle, Yuchan Liu, Gillian Looney, Andrea Macartney, Ashley Martinez, Ann Martino, Jennifer McCord, Jacqueline McCulley, Bridget McCullough, Natalie Meade, Stacie Mesuda, Dorothy Miketa, Kristen Molfetta, Manuela Monsalve, Emily Olson, Katilin O'Sullivan, Melanie Pacheco, Stephanie Pagan, Molly Pastin, Emma Pelton, Jessica Perelli, Stephanie Povirk, Julianne Powers, Jennifer Pringle, Taria Pritchett, Caitlin Rambo, Patricia Reed, Noelle Renner, Karen Rhea, Rebecca Riley, Victoria Roop, Erin Ruddock, Christina Saadeh, Katelyn Sclesky , Jenna Shaw, Molly Simons, Danielle Smith, Sarah Solomon, Laura Speers , Gretchen Spencer, Hannah Starke, Natalie Stevenson, Shurnevia Strickland, Brenna Strype, Kristen Stump , Jenna Taylor, Amanda Taylor, Sharonne Temple, Rena Tobey, Camille Turner, Maria Velasquez, Gabrielle Vicari, Lyndsey Wallen, Stacey Watro, Elaina Welch, Nicole Wells, Kristen Wilczynski, Bettina Wilson, Caitlin Xenakis, and Nefetaria Yates.

Graduate students

Katrina Anderson, Archana, Angleliki Anthanasopoulou, Latanya Autry, Jennifer Baker, Arnetta Bayard , Rachel Berstein, Meredith Biedrycki, Jessica Blank, Mikahila Bloomfield, Solveig Bosse, Catherine Brobston, Nadria Buchanan, Jane Chandlee, Lisa Davidson, Helen Delpeche, Michelle DerBedrosian, Kendall DiLorenzo, Stephanie DiStasi, Tara Falcone, Olga Furaha, Virginia Garnett, Sarah Gowen, Abby Grabitz, Keyma Hansby, Michelle Hector, Erin Helm, Bethany Hepp, Brittany Hopwood, Olga Jimenez, Elizabeth Jones, Rhian Kallis, Tanya Kang, Michelle Kennedy, Erin Kerrison, Adrienne Kleintop, Peleg Kremer, Anna Krishtal, Elizabeth Kurban, Barbara Kutis, Erin Kuykendall, Joo Young Lee, Bing Luo, Jessica Madiraca, Dannielle Miccinello, Laura Miller, Priscilla Moraes, Shelley Morris, Sandra Nelson, Chiedo Nwankwor, Lindsay Palkovitz, Sara Patterson, Megan Pell, Elizabeth Peters, Lijuan Pi, Brittany Richter, Tiffany Rogers, Tia Santana, Sarah Schneider, Courtney Siegert, Catalina Tudor, Kristin Vanderbelt, Dina Viscount, Arline Wilson, and Susan Yi.

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