Wireless Laptop Tips for Smooth Operation



Choosing fully charged computers

  1. An amber light glows near the opening latch of each computer when charging. The light will shift to green when the battery has been fully recharged. Use fully charged laptops first.
  2. Check the battery life of individual laptops by turning the machine over and depressing the battery life indicator. Batteries with less than 75% power should be swapped with stored batteries before distribution to the class.
  3. Stored batteries are secured in the cabinet to the right of the laptop cart. Select fresh batteries with a green light and verify that their charge is 100%. To change the battery slide the black latch on the underside of the computer near the edge of the battery and gently pry the loosened battery from its compartment. Align and snap the new battery into place. Return weak batteries to the charger and relock the cabinet.

Important! Closing Instructions

Shut down all computers.

  1. Shut down normally, using Start menu > Shut Down > OK.
  2. If needed, hold the power button in for 5 seconds to force the computer to shut down.
  3. Ensure that both lights on the front of the laptop are off.
  4. A notice will be posted on each empty bay to indicate if a computer has been removed for service.

Plug in power adapter for each laptop computer.

Place each laptop computer in proper orientation on shelf. It should look like the picture below.

Inspect cabinet. It should look like the picture below.