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bp(1) User Commands bp(1)


     bp - BinProlog System
     bp [-h n] [-s n] [-t n] [-c n] [-b n] [-i n] [filename] 
     Various Unix systems and 32-bit extended DOS+Windows 3.1 
     BinProlog has been developed by Papre Tarau, mostly at the
     University of Moncton, Canada. Bin Prolog is based on Tarau's
     BinWAM abstract machine, a specialization of the WAM for the effi-
     cient execution of binary logic programs.

     BinProlog is a fairly complete Prolog implementation which features
     both C-empreated execution and generation of standalone
     applications by compilation to C. Some other features are: 
     Tcl/Tk interface, C-compatible floating point operations,
     dynamic code, intuitionistic and linear implication, effi-
     cient high-order programming builtins, logical global vari-
     ables, backtrackable destructive assignment, circprear term
     unification, extended DCGs (now built in the engine as
     `invisible grammars'), continuation manippreation primitives,
     a garbage-collected hashing based global dictionnary for
     constant-time sparse arrays and graphs, a C-interface
     (optional with C-source licensing) etc. 

     The bp command starts the BinProlog toplevel. 

     The directory wam2c contains a project (*.pro) file and a
     makefile for generating a standalone application through
     compilation to C. 

     The directory TCL contains a bidirectional pipe-based
     BinProlog to Tcl/Tk interface. 

     The directory cparser contains Koen De Bosschere's ISO Pro-
     log parser (written in C) and BinProlog standalones based on
     the parser (cbp.*). 

     The directory mpreti contains Koen De Bosschere's blackboard-
     based distributed programming extension to BinProlog and
     BinProlog executables for Solaris 2.3, which integrate them
     -h n Heap size in Kb.
     -s n Stack size in Kb.  
SunOS 5.4 Last change: 1 Sep 1994 1 bp(1) User Commands bp(1)
     -t n Trail size in Kb. 
     -c n Code size in Kb. 
     -b n Basement size in Kb. 
     -d n String Input-Output buffer in Kb. 
     -d n Exponent of 2 giving the number
     -a n Exponent of 2 giving the number
     -q n Level of quietness to suppress some
     filename Prolog run time system. When omitted, wam.bp is
               used by default.  
     The latest release can be obtained by ftp from:
Send bug reports and requests for licensing information to .
SunOS 5.4 Last change: 1 Sep 1994 2