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What is DI-3000?

DI-3000 is an integrated system of graphics software tools. DI-3000 is implemented as a library of FORTRAN-callable subroutines, written in ANSI Fortran for use with Fortran 77 applications. An application program calls DI-3000 subrouttines to generate graphics images on one or more graphics dipslay devices.

Although you can compile your DI-3000 programs when working on any terminal, you must be on an X terminal or working in an xterm window to run the programs.  

DI-3000 is licensed for all of the University's Solaris systems. 


Where to Find DI-3000

DI-3000 is available on Strauss. This document requires that you are working on an X terminal or an xterm window.


DI-3000: Instructions

Setting the DI-3000 Working Environment

To use DI-3000, you must first set several UNIX environment variables.  These settings may adversely interact with settings needed for other UNIX applications.  The instructions below provide a strategy for avoiding these interactions. 

You start a new shell before you use DI-3000, modify the environment, run DI-3000, and exit the shell before working with other software. You can start a new shell either by opening a new window on an X terminal or by issuing the UNIX csh command. These instructions assume that you are using the C shell (csh), which is the default for University of Delaware users. 

Compiling and Executing DI-3000

DI-3000 Example Programs

Several example programs are stored in the directory /opt/lib/pvi/test. The procedures above are illustrated next using the example DI-3000 program named polar.f.  You can test whether you have set up your DI-3000 working environment properly by following the instructions below. 


Common Problems and Questions


Other Resources


If you still need help

If you need help quickly, call the University of Delaware's IT Help Center at 831-6000 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Or you can submit a question via a web request form or e-mail.


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