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Chronology of the PrintLess Program

Spring 2002

  • Educated the campus community about excessive paper usage and waste and provided suggestions for ways in which they could reduce their paper usage.
  • Created a campus-wide committee to evaluate paper use in IT-managed campus computing sites.
  • Evaluated print-managment software. VendPrint software was chosen for its features, cost effectiveness, and ability to work with the UD FLEX card.

Fall 2002

  • Installed VendPrint "print release stations" in test sites.
  • Instructed users how to select a job to be printed using the print release station. Print jobs that were wasted previously were not released, thereby decreasing paper usage.
  • Met with DUSC and academic administrators to explain the goals of the program.

Spring 2003

  • Installed ID card readers at print release stations.
  • Instructed users how to select a job to print from a release station by swiping their UD ID card.
  • Explained to users that no fee was charged to their UD FLEX account at that time.
  • Established printing fee for fall 2003.

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