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Printing Fee Plan Overview for Students

The printing fee plan applies to all members of the campus community (students, staff, and faculty) who have a valid UD ID card and print in a computing site.

The printing fee plan allows a UD student to print a specific number of "images" (one side of a piece of paper) for free before incurring fee-based printing:

  1. Free printing: 100 free "images" per student
  • Every 6 month period (January 1–June 30 and July 1–December 31), you can print 100 free "images" at no cost.
  • After your free allocation is used, printing fees are charged to your UD FLEX account (see fee-based printing below).
  1. Fee-based printing: Rates apply to all individuals. (Carry-over of unused free page allocation is not provided.)
  • Five cents ($0.05) per image printed simplex (one side of one piece of paper)*
  • Four cents ($0.04) per image printed duplex (both sides of one piece of paper)

    *In all IT-managed computing sites, the default setting for printer is duplex printing. If you want to print on only one side of a piece of paper, you must select simplex.

Locations that Use VendPrint to Manage Printing Fees

The following locations use the VendPrint system to manage printing. Unless otherwise indicated, these locations charge for printing.

  • Alison West, room 205
  • Brown Lab, room 210
  • Cannon Lab, Lewis Campus, room 205
  • Carpenter Sports Building, room 119
  • Colburn Lab, rooms 105, 046
  • Delaware Field House, room 202
  • Jastak-Burgess Hall, room 006
  • McDowell Hall, room 111/113
  • Memorial Hall, rooms 028, 033
  • Morris Library, SMDC, Lower Level, room 055
  • Pearson Hall, room 305
  • Perkins Student Center Lobby
  • Purnell Hall, rooms 114, 026
  • Recitation Hall, room 203
  • Rodney Commons
  • Smith Hall, rooms 002, 004, 040
  • Townsend Hall, rooms 004, 006, 007
  • Trabant University Center Lobby

Your UD ID Card, Print Release Station, and FLEX Account

You will need your valid UD ID to print in the sites listed above because you must swipe your ID card through a card reader connected to a print release station. The print release station works together with your ID card and your FLEX account:

  • The first 100 "images" you print will be charged against a "free printing allocation" that will be associated with your FLEX account.
  • After you exhaust your free printing allocation, the printing charges will be charged to your actual FLEX account.

Important Note
If you do not have funds in your FLEX account, you will not be able to print after your free printing allocation is used.

You may add money to your FLEX account in a number of ways and at different locations on campus.

How to Claim Your Print Job at a Site

To claim your print job, follow these steps:

  1. After you select the Print option in your application, go to the print release station.
  2. Highlight your print job on the screen—check that the print job is yours, so you don't accidentally print someone else's print job.
  3. Click Start Printing.
  4. Swipe your ID through the card reader.
  5. Delete any duplicate print jobs.

Important Note
You will only see your actual FLEX account balance after your free printing allocation is depleted.

Check with a site assistant if you have questions about how to use the print release station.

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