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How other Institutions and Organizations Reduce Paper Usage

Printing Considerations for Faculty

In spring 2002, IT-Client Support & Services began the PrintLess program to reduce paper consumption and waste and increase awareness of paper conservation. IT-Client Support & Services will now charge for printing in its computing sites.

Here are some suggestions for faculty to help students print judiciously.

  1. Advise students on what is necessary and appropriate to print.
  2. Encourage students to use a program's print preview option to select the specific pages they need to print.
  3. Reformat documents to save paper. If you require students to print your PowerPoint slides, then share these PowerPoint printing instructions for printing multiple slides per page or printing an outline only. Alternatively, use Adobe Acrobat to provide presentations in a six-slides-per-page format.
  4. Consider accepting assignments electronically instead of in print. Methods include WebCT's Student Assignments Tool or accepting e-mail submissions.
  5. Note that all computing site printers are set to duplex by default to reduce paper consumption and cost to the students. Some flexibility may be required, particularly for students who print in a site during class time. Students will need money in their FLEX account and additional time.

The Printing Fee Plan for Faculty

The printing fee plan will begin in the fall 2003 semester (September 1-December 31). The plan applies to all members of the campus community (faculty, staff, and students) who have a valid UD ID card and print in a computing site.

Departmental FLEX Accounts

For information about Departmental FLEX accounts, read the FLEX web site information.

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