Using UD's P.O. Box Application

Posting a Message to Major or Minor Lists

Note: Majors lists are "active" for the current academic term only. Because students' academic standing factors into list membership, these lists can not exist in future terms.

Also note: When Winter and Summer terms are the active terms, the Majors lists include all students in a Major and not just the students enrolled in that particular term.

  1. Go to and log in with your UDelNet ID and password. (Directions)

  2. Locate the mailing lists to which you wish to post a message. In this example, a faculty member has chosen four mailing lists for Sophomores.

    Tip: If the faculty member had wanted to see all the lists for sophomores, he could have applied a P. O. Box Filter, for example, sophomore (keyword) and program (type of list):

    (More information)

  3. After you have selected the mailing lists, select Post a Message.

  4. In the Content portion of the Post a Message page, type the subject of your message in the Subject: textbox and the body of your message in the Message Body: textbox.

  5. If you wish to specify either a recipient to receive a carbon copy of the message or alternate information about the sender, click the triangles next to Carbon Copies and/or Alternate Sender Address.

    Note that all addresses specified must be addresses--either or Remember: the P. O. Box service is for official University use only.

  6. When done editing the message, subject, carboned recipients, and alternate addresses, click the Post button. All members of the mailing lists you selected will receive the message.

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