Using UD's P.O. Box Application

Working with Attachments

If you have the ability to post to a list, you have the ability to share files (attachments) with list members. Please note that the files are not e-mailed to the list members. Instead, list members retrieve the files by either following a link in a P. O. Box e-mail message or by logging into the P. O. Box service directly.

Note: There is a maximum of 100 MB per attachment, and a maximum of 200 MB for all of the attachments associated with a single message.

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Posting Attachments

  1. Go to and log in with your UDelNet ID and password. (Directions)

  2. Locate the mailing list(s) to which you wish to post a message with an attachment. Click on the list name. (Use SHIFT-CLICK to select multiple lists whose names are adjacent in the listing; use CTRL-CLICK [Windows] or COMMAND-CLICK [Macintosh] to select multiple lists that are not adjacent.)

    (More information)

  3. From the right of the screen, select Post a Message.

  4. Type a subject line and the content of your message in the Content portion of the Post a Message page.

  5. Click the triangle next to Attachments to begin adding attachments.


  6. Choose which file(s) to attach to the message.
    • Click Choose File and navigate on your computer to find the file you wish to share with the list.
    • Provide a brief description of each file so that list members have a preview of what the file contains.
    • After you've added an attachment, the P. O. Box service automatically prompts you for another attachment.

  7. When done adding attachments and editing the message, subject, carboned recipients, and alternate addresses, click the Post button. You should see a confirmation screen like the one below.

Retrieving Attachments

In order to retrieve an attachment, you must log into the P. O. Box service. There are two easy ways that you can download an attachment from the service.

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