Using UD's P.O. Box Application

The University of Delaware's P.O. Box application allows UD faculty and staff to send messages to lists of students (class rosters, major mailing lists, minor mailing lists, etc.) without allowing spammers to flood those "e-mail lists" with unnecessary junk messages.

P.O. Box works with the following web browsers:

A summary of the P.O. Box application's features can be found at

When logged into the P.O. Box service, click the question mark
to view help information specific to the page you are viewing.

Detailed P.O. Box Instructions

General Information about P.O. Box       Frequently-Asked Questions about the P. O. Box Service
Logging in to P.O. Box       Navigating the P. O. Box Home Page
Posting a Message to a Class Roster       Posting a Message to Major or Minor Lists
Retrieving a Message from the P.O. Box Service       Special Features and Options
Working with Attachments (Files)       List Membership Issues

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