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Publishing Official Web Pages on the UDel Central Web Server: Request Your HTML Directory

If you would like to publish official web pages for your department and your department does not yet have a directory on the central web server, please fill out the form below. Before you can request that a directory be set up for your department, you must activate your UDelNet account.

If more than one person will be maintaining your department's web pages, you will need a computing project that has the usernames of all page maintainers. To do this, go to the Help Center web page, select "Systems access forms," login, and complete the "UNIX New Project Request" form.

Note: If a student will be maintaining a department's web pages, the web project must be set up with a University staff person as director and the student listed as a project member.

Name you would like your directory to have (this is what will appear in the URL in place of your_directory_name:
Department Name:
UDel e-mail address:
First Name:
Last Name:
Phone Number:
Computing Project Number (leave blank if you will be the only person maintaining your department's web pages):

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