The Problem

Exceeding your account's disk quota limit

The Solutions

How to check your account's overall disk space use

How to identify files & folders that use the most disk space

How to reduce disk space use if you work with web pages


How to Manage Your Disk Quota

Disk quota and your UDelNet account

What is disk quota and how does it relate to my UDelNet account?

The disk space allotted to your UDelNet account is called disk quota. If your UDelNet account exceeds its disk quota limit, you may be unable to access your UDelNet account.

The pages associated with this site will help you better understand your disk quota limit and how to manage it more effectively.

If your University-related work requires additional disk space, you may request an increase to your disk quota limit on the Quota Requests page.

Your UDelNet disk quota does not include your e-mail account quota.

What are the responsibilities of UDelNet account holders?

As a provision of the Responsible Computing Policy, UDelNet account holders are required to maintain their own accounts. IT computer staff cannot log in to anyone else's account to perform routine file management tasks--this responsibility lies with the account holder.

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