How to Download and Install Netscape 7
for a Windows Computer

  1. Open a browser application (e.g., Netscape 4.7x or Internet Explorer).

    If you use a version of Netscape, you will need to print these instructions before you continue because you must exit all versions of Netscape after you download the installer file—but before you run it. Once you exit Netscape, you will no longer be able to read these instructions on your screen.

    The following screen shows the UD home page as displayed in Internet Explorer:

  1. Close all other programs and temporarily disable any anti-virus software on your computer.
  2. Mouse over the following link:

    Link to download Netscape 7 for Windows Systems

    A new browser window will open and should look similar to the following. You can adjust the size of this window or move it to another area of your screen so that you can follow these instructions as you work through the installation process.

  1. Depending upon the browser you are using, either run or save the installation file (nssetup.exe) to your desktop.

    If you are using any vesion of Netscape to download the installation file, you must exit Netscape completely before running the installation file.

  1. If you use Internet Explore to download the file you should see a File Download screen similar to the following. Click Open to automatically download the file and install the application.


  2. After installation is complete, you may see the Migrate Profile screen, which looks similar to the following:

  3. If you do see this screen, click OK.
  4. On the next screen, click Start Netscape 7.0. You should see the UD home page.

    Installation of Netscape 7 is now complete. Before you can use the program to send and receive e-mail, you must set up your UD e-mail account.

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