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What is a Mailing List?

A mailing list is a collection of e-mail addresses. Mailing lists located on the central system (UNIX composers) are usually accessible system wide. (Note: most e-mail applications have some mailing/address list capability, but access/use is limited to the individual user.) Lists are used to send copies of an e-mail message to several people at one time and can serve to facilitate one-way communications to a group of people or group discussions.

All student requests for a list must be submitted by a faculty or staff member on their behalf. For student groups please contact the appropriate office (Student Activities and Programs, Greek Affairs, or Club Sports).

Please allow up to one week for all requests.

At the University of Delaware, faculty and staff may request one of two types of lists:

What is a Mail Alias?

A mail alias is either

Aliases (of either type) are commonly used when there is a need to create a special id for an organization or department.

Class and Majors lists available in the PO Box System

The PO Box System was developed at the University of Delaware. It is a closed system (login required) used to send messages to Student Class and Majors mailing lists.

GCC Mailing Lists

There are several automatically updated mailing lists that we call GCC lists because they are the electronic counterpart to the Graphic Communication Center's mailing label lists. These exist for HR Liaisons, Department Chairs, Academic, and Administrative Directors. They are updated when personnel information in the HR system is updated. The GCC lists exist as well in the PO Box system.

Bulk Mail Tickets

If you have a need to send an occasional University related message to a large group of people (more than 50), and you have your own list of email addresses provided by your department or HR, then you may request a bulk mail ticket. A bulk mail ticket allows you to send an e-mail message in the most efficient way through the UD PO Box system. You may not use attachments with a bulk mail ticket, however there are two ways you may provide additional information:

  1. Refer to a web page link in the body of your bulk mail ticket to provide additional information.
  2. Use the UD Dropbox Service to upload (drop-off) the file to yourself. You will receive an e-mail with a claim ID and passcode as a link to later retrieve the file (drop-off) from the UD Dropbox Service. Copy this link and paste it in the body of your bulk mail ticket. The file (drop-off) is only available for 21 days from the time the file is uploaded (dropped-off) using the UD Dropbox Service.

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