Mirapoint Conversion:
Configure Microsoft Outlook for the New mail.udel.edu

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Check to be sure mail.udel.edu is your mail server

Remove mail/ from IMAP folder path

SPAM settings, E-mail disk quotas, Vacation messages, Forwarding your e-mail

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Last Updated: 3/15/05
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University of Delaware

Do not follow these directions until you have received e-mail from the IT Help Center informing you that your e-mail account has been moved to the new Mirapoint server.

There are three things you'll need to do to be sure that your e-mail works properly after your account has been converted:

  1. Check to be sure Outlook points at mail.udel.edu,
  2. Remove mail/ from the Outlook folder path, and
  3. Important:    Learn about system-wide changes for e-mail disk quotas, junk mail filtering, e-mail forwarding and "vacation" messages.

  1. Check to be sure mail.udel.edu is your e-mail server

    1. Open Microsoft Outlook and log into your e-mail as usual.
    2. From the menu bar at the top choose Tools, then select Email Accounts.

    3. Select View or change existing e-mail accounts. Click Next
    4. With your e-mail account highlighted (copland.udel.edu or mail.udel.edu), click Change.
    5. Your incoming and outgoing mail servers should be mail.udel.edu, not “copland.udel.edu”. If they are set incorrectly, type mail.udel.edu in both text boxes under Server Information. When you are finished, your settings should look similar to those shown below:

  2. Remove mail/ from the IMAP folder path

    1. Click More Settings.
    2. Click the tab labeled Advanced

    3. You will need to change your Root folder path by removing "mail/" in the box at the bottom. After the change, your screen should look similar to the one below:

    4. Click OK. If you are prompted with a screen similar to the one below, click OK.

    5. Click Finish.
    6. NOTE: If you are not prompted with the dialog in step 4, then right-click 'mail.udel.edu' from the folder list to the left and select IMAP Folders.

    7. Then click the Query button to view your folders. Highlight the folder you wish to view in your mail application and click the subscribe button.

    8. Click Ok. The folders you subscribed to should appear below mail.udel.edu in the folder list on the left.

  3. SPAM (Junk Mail) Settings, E-mail disk quotas, Vacation messages, Forwarded e-mail

    As a result of the move to the new e-mail system, there have been some system-wide changes in how certain e-mail procedures work. For example, if your account exceeds your e-mail disk quota, you will be unable to receive any new e-mail.

    You should log into Webmail Direct by going to https://mail.udel.edu and follow the directions at http://www.udel.edu/topics/e-mail/convert/syswide.html to

    • store suspected SPAM (Junk Mail) in a separate folder (rather than have it come to your inbox),
    • easily view your e-mail disk use, or
    • set a "vacation" message.

    In addition, if you had used a .forward file to forward e-mail to another e-mail account, you will need to use UD's Network Page ( http:/www.udel.edu/network ) to change or delete any forwarding information.