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Conversion Instructions for Netscape 4.x (Macintosh) Users


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Re-Configuring Netscape 4.x (Macintosh) for the new mail.udel.edu

SPAM settings, E-mail disk quotas, Vacation messages, Forwarding your e-mail

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Last Updated: 3/2/05
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  • Re-Configuring Netscape 4.x (Macintosh) for the new mail.udel.edu

    These directions are for users of Netscape 4.x on a Macintosh computer (MacOS 9 or Mac "Classic"). You'll check to be sure that mail.udel.edu is set as your e-mail server and, if necessary, correct the IMAP folder path for e-mail stored on the University's server.

    1. Open Netscape Messenger 4.x.
    2. From the Edit menu, select Preferences.
    3. In the left-hand window pane, under the Mail & Newsgroups heading, select Mail Servers.
    4. In the right-hand pane, check to be sure that the Outgoing mail (SMTP) server is set to mail.udel.edu. If you need to change the outgoing mail server name, type mail.udel.edu in the textbox.

    5. Under Uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or TLS for outgoing messages, select If Possible.
    6. Highlight the mail server name in the Incoming Mail Servers text box. Even if it's set correctly, click Delete. When prompted if you are sure you want to remove the mail host, click OK.
    7. Click Add.
    8. On the General tab of the Mail Server Info window, type mail.udel.edu in the Server Name text box; from the Server Type menu, select IMAP.
    9. On the Advanced tab, make sure that the IMAP directory path text box is blank.
    10. On the IMAP tab, select Use secure connection (SSL).
    11. Click OK in the Mail Server Info and Preferences windows.
    12. Quit Netscape and restart it for the changes to take effect.

  • SPAM (Junk Mail) Settings, E-mail disk quotas, Vacation messages, Forwarded e-mail

    As a result of the move to the new e-mail system, there have been some system-wide changes in how certain e-mail procedures work. For example, if your account exceeds your e-mail disk quota, you will be unable to receive any new e-mail.

    You should log into Webmail Direct by going to https://mail.udel.edu and follow the directions at http://www.udel.edu/topics/e-mail/convert/syswide.html to

    • store suspected SPAM (Junk Mail) in a separate folder (rather than have it come to your inbox),
    • easily view your e-mail disk use, or
    • set a "vacation" message.

    In addition, if you had used a .forward file to forward e-mail to another e-mail account, you will need to use UD's Network Page ( http:/www.udel.edu/network ) to change or delete any forwarding information.