Mirapoint Conversion:
Conversion Instructions for Mozilla Users


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Install updated software or update Mozilla manually

SPAM settings, E-mail disk quotas, Vacation messages, Forwarding your e-mail

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Welcome to Mirapoint, UD's New E-mail System

System-Wide Changes to UD's E-mail System

Using Webmail Direct (New webmail client)

IT Help Center
Last Updated: 3/3/05
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Do not follow these directions until you have received e-mail from the IT Help Center informing you that your e-mail account has been moved to the new Mirapoint server.

There are two things you'll need to do to be sure that your e-mail works properly after your account has been converted:

  1. Install an updated copy of Mozilla that contains all the proper settings for your account (or modify the settings manually) and
  2. Important:    Learn about system-wide changes for e-mail disk quotas, junk mail filtering, e-mail forwarding and "vacation" messages.

  1. Install an updated copy of Mozilla or update your copy for use with the new mail system

    1. If you are using a Macintosh computer, you are not using a copy of Mozilla modified for use at UD. Go directly to directions for Macintosh Mozilla users.
    2. Windows users: Determine whether or not your copy of Mozilla has been customized for use at UD.

      • If your computer has a UD-shield icon like this one

        on its desktop, you have a copy of Mozilla customized for use at the University of Delaware.

      • If your computer's icon for Mozilla is a picture of the Mozilla cartoon character,

        you do not have a copy of the UD-customized Mozilla software.

      • If you do not have a desktop icon for Mozilla, open Mozilla from your program menu. If you see a "YoUDee splash screen" before Mozilla launches a web page, you are using a copy of Mozilla customized for use at UD.
    3. Select the link to the appropriate conversion directions listed below:

      Mozilla as customized for UD
      non-UD-customized versions of Mozilla
      Mozilla for Macintosh

  2. SPAM (Junk Mail) Settings, E-mail disk quotas, Vacation messages, Forwarded e-mail

    As a result of the move to the new e-mail system, there have been some system-wide changes in how certain e-mail procedures work. For example, if your account exceeds your e-mail disk quota, you will be unable to receive any new e-mail.

    You should log into Webmail Direct by going to https://mail.udel.edu and follow the directions at http://www.udel.edu/topics/e-mail/convert/syswide.html to

    • store suspected SPAM (Junk Mail) in a separate folder (rather than have it come to your inbox),
    • easily view your e-mail disk use, or
    • set a "vacation" message.

    In addition, if you had used a .forward file to forward e-mail to another e-mail account, you will need to use UD's Network Page ( http:/www.udel.edu/network ) to change or delete any forwarding information.