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Welcome to Mirapoint, UD's New E-mail System

System-Wide Changes to UD's E-mail System

Using Webmail Direct (New webmail client)

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Last Updated: 2/10/05
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After your account has been moved to the new Mirapoint mail server, your e-mail should be delivered as it always has been, so long as your e-mail program is set to use mail.udel.edu as the e-mail server.

As a result of the move to the new e-mail system, there have been some system-wide changes in how certain e-mail procedures work.

You can log into Webmail Direct by going to https://mail.udel.edu and follow the directions at http://www.udel.edu/topics/e-mail/convert/syswide.html to

  • store suspected SPAM (Junk Mail) in a separate folder (rather than have it come to your inbox),
  • easily view your e-mail disk use, or
  • set a "vacation" message.

If you were doing Junk Mail filtering on your own using message rules or filters in your favorite e-mail client, you will need to train your filters or rules to look for the following "custom header" and "value":

  • Header: X-Junkmail
  • Value: UCE

Specific directions for each popular client will be posted soon. However, Outlook Express users will not be able to take advantage of Mirapoint's Junk Mail scoring system. Instead, we would suggest that these users log into Webmail Direct, configure the Junk Mail settings, and periodically log into Webmail Direct to check the contents of their account's Junk Mail folder on mail.udel.edu (not available for download to POP users).

In addition, if you had used a .forward file to forward e-mail to another e-mail account, you will need to use UD's Network Page ( http:/www.udel.edu/network ) to change or delete any forwarding information.