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Configuring PPP with Microsoft Windows Vista

Read these important notes before starting.

Configuration Instructions

  1. After starting up Windows Vista, open the Start menu.

  2. Select Connect To on the right side of the Start menu.
  3. In the Connect to a network window, select Set up a connection or network.

  4. In the Choose a connection option window, select Set up a dial-up connection. Then click Next.

  5. Use the table below to look up the appropriate phone number.
    You are liable for any potential telephone charges for calling UD's modem pool. Therefore, whenever possible, make sure the phone number that you select is a local call from your dialing area. Do not use University modem numbers from outside your local calling area as main or alternate numbers unless you are willing to pay the phone charges.
    Dialing from Modem Speed Number to dial
    New Castle County 300 - 33,600 bps   302-831-0100 
    New Castle County up to 56K bps (v.90 or x2)   302-831-1000 
    Sussex County up to 56K bps (v.90 or x2)   302-645-4052
    Kent County  up to 56K bps (v.90 or x2)   302-734-1472 
    Maryland  up to 56K bps (v.90 or x2)   443-245-4555 (Elkton) 
      410-809-8109 (Belair) 
      443-664-4433 (Ocean City) 
  6. Type the appropriate phone number in the Dial-up phone number dialog box.
  7. Click Dialing Rules to the right of the phone number you just entered.
  8. You will see one of two windows, depending on whether or not you have previously used this computer to dial into an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

    • If you have never used this computer to dial into an ISP, you'll see a Location Information window like the one below.

      Enter the information requested; leave items blank if they are not needed (e.g., a carrier code or a code to get an outside phone line).
      Click OK.
    • If you have previously used this computer to dial into an ISP, you'll see the Phone and Modem Options window.

      Click Edit to view the Edit Location window, reviewing the information about a previously-used dial-up connection.

      Verify that the information is correct, making any changes as necessary. Then click OK to close the Edit Location window and OK to close the Phone and Modem Options window.
  9. In the Set up a dial-up connection window, type your UDelNet ID and password in the appropriate boxes.
  10. In the Connection name: dialog box, type University of Delaware.
  11. For security reasons, we'd suggest that you leave the three checkboxes on this window unchecked.
  12. Click Connect to save all this information and to initiate a dial-up connection to the University of Delaware. If you do not want to connect to the Internet at this time, click Close.


Connecting to the University's Network

  1. To dial into UDelNet in other work sessions, select the Start menu, then select Connect to.
  2. Select the University of Delaware Dial-up connection you created earlier.

    Click Connect.
  3. In the Connect University of Delaware window, enter your UDelNetID and password.

    Click Dial to connect to UDelNet.
    Reminder: for security reasons, do not save the user name and password on your dial-up connection.

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