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About Point to Point Protocol

The University's modem pool uses something called PPP to allow you access to the University's network.

PPP stands for "Point to Point Protocol." It is a method of providing a direct connection to the Internet over a telephone line with a modem. In fact, when you are using a PPP connection, your computer becomes a node on the Internet. With PPP, your computer can make use of the Internet just as a computer connected to the campus Ethernet does, only at a slower speed.

PPP enables you to do the following over a dial-up connection:

In order to set up and use a PPP connection, you must have an active UDelNet account. That is, you must know both the UDelNet ID (username) and password that allow you access to the University's network, the University's central e-mail server (, and the University's other central UNIX servers (,, etc.).

You must set up your UDelNet account before you set up your PPP connection. You can do that by accessing The Network Page ( from any University computing site or from a connection through another Internet Service Provider.

Your account will be available for PPP access the next business day after you have activated your account.

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