Student Life—Enriching your extracurricular experiences with technology

University of Delaware Resources

Accessing computer services

What public access for computing is available to students? Examples include computing labs, cyber cafes, residence hall computers, and wireless access.


Centrally, UD provides over 700 public access workstations across campus. In addition, some departments provide sites and workstations for students enrolled in specific departments.

Does the campus provide institutional e-mail accounts for all students and use e-mail as an official medium of communication? Yes. All students are given an institutional e-mail account, and e-mail is the official medium of communication between all individuals associated with the campus community.
Does the campus provide and support electronic space for personal student Web pages?

Yes. Individual students are provided electronic space for personal student Web pages.

Students can access online information about how to create their own Web page.

Connecting with others

Is contact information for students, faculty, and staff readily accessible electronically?


Yes. Students can locate other students, faculty, and staff from a link on UD's home page.

What social activities and services are available online? Information about all aspects of social activities is available online.
Are there web sites for student organizations and clubs?

Registered student organizations that maintain Web pages are linked on the UD Web site.

Does the campus make available online discussion forums or bulletin boards for un-moderated use? Yes. Two types of mailing lists can be set up an used for discussion. Requests for lists from student groups need approval from the Student Activities and Programs office prior to submitting a request.
What technology-supported career-planning services are available to students? The Career Services Center Web site has a wide variety of information to help at all stages of a student's career development. The Center has presented nine career development programs describing job search techniques via Web streaming. The center also provides interactive forms for students and employers to facilitate information exchange.