Connecting Your Computer to the Campus Network From University Courtyard Apartments

Each apartment in the University Courtyard apartment complex includes 10Base-T Ethernet connections to the Internet. Every apartment contains wall jacks that allow residents to connect their computers to the apartment complex's network without using a phone line and a modem. In order to use this service, your computer must have a 10Base-T Ethernet card and a 10Base-T Ethernet cable. These items are both available at the University Bookstore and at many computer stores.

Finding the Instructions

Even though these apartments connect to the Internet using PaeTec's Campuslink service, UD students residing in University Courtyard apartments can follow most of the University's directions for connecting to the campus network with an Ethernet card. More specifically, you can follow the University directions for configuring your computer to connect to the Internet. You should also consult the two printed brochures distributed by University Courtyard Apartments:

Connecting to the Internet

The network in the University Courtyard Apartments does not require you to register your computer's Ethernet card for Internet access. Therefore, do not visit the University's Network Connection page to attempt to register your computer for full Internet access. If your computer is configured correctly, you should be able to use the Internet as soon as you plug one end of your Ethernet cable into your computer's Ethernet card and plug the other end into one of the wall jacks at University Courtyard Apartments.

If you are a new student, you must activate your UdelNet account in order to use UD e-mail and other campus computing services.

Using UD E-Mail

Log on to UD's Webmail Direct.

Using UD-Restricted Material

Because you are connecting from off-campus, you will need to use UD's Web Proxy Server. Doing so will allow you to use information whose access is limited to the UD community.

Getting Further Help

If you are having difficulty connecting to the Internet, contact PaeTec's CampusLink help service (1-800-962-4772, then choose option 3;;

If you are having trouble with any of the software you are using, contact UD's IT Help Center (831-6000,,

If you are having trouble installing your Ethernet card, contact UD's Residential Computing Consultants (831-8825).

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