Sustainability Fund Projects

Rethinking Laird's Landscape

Laird Campus signage

Project Manager: Kristen Saksa

Grant Awarded: 2010

Amount of Grant: $4,780

Overview: Sustainable landscapes have the map of Laird Campus potential to restore ecological benefits and foster appreciation of natural ecosystems within the context of our rapidily urbanizing world. The goal of Rethinking Laird’s Landscape project is to cultivate public awareness and appreciation of sustainable landscaping at UD’s Laird Campus. By providing opportunities for the public to engage the sustainable landscape on Laird Campus we will build public understanding, support, and increase appreciation of sustainable landscape in general.

The University of Delaware has the ability to set the example by implementing well maintained, attractive and sustainable landscapes.



Demonstrating that sustainable practices can be both environmentally responsible and aesthetically appealing is an important message to send to the public in the effort to promote widespread public adoption of sustainable practices. Increasing the visibility of sustainable landscaping practices at UD will help to foster environmental responsibility among students, staff, and visitors in hopes that they will become inspired to implement sustainable landscaping themselves.

Project Goal:

Through interpretive signage (see photo below) , Rethinking Laird's Landscape will engage students, staff and visitors in the environmentally responsible actions taking place at UD for years to come. The Sustainability Fund Grant will also fund the addition of sustainable practices on Laird Campus including a reforestation site that will demonstrate that sustainable practices can be both environmentally responsible and attractive.

Current status:

The initial design work for the interpretive signage in this project began last fall so we were able to hit the ground running once we received word that the proposal had been funded. Phase one of the project, including five interpretive signs, were fabricated and installed in the landscape over November and December 2010. During February and March of 2011 we will begin designing three additional signs, and coordinating the addition of sustainable landscape improvements for Laird Campus in time for spring. We plan to complete phase two of this project by the end of summer 2011.

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