November 30th, 2012
Trabant Multipurpose Room

Join us for UD's second Sustainability Institute! We're planting the seeds for a sustainable future with Lindsey Lyons of Dickinson College and Emily Hunter of MTV Canada. All of the events listed on the schedule are FREE and open to the UD community. Interested participants are encouraged to register if they plan to attend the Morning Keynote session with Lindsey Lyons, as breakfast refreshments will be served. See you there!

Morning Keynote Speaker: Lindsey Lyons

Before coming to Dickinson College in 2011, as the Assistant Director of the Center for Sustainability Education, Lindsey Lyons developed natural resource conservation and sustainability initiatives in higher education for Oregon State University and Wilson College, Pennsylvania. After completing her B.S. in biology from Lynchburg College '01 and a M.S. in environmental education from Southern Oregon University '05, Lindsey has served as a professor of environmental studies and as director of various non-profit education organizations working to promote sustainability. Her graduate research focused on the reproductive biology and interdisciplinary management of the endangered Devil's Hole pupfish, an icon in desert fish conservation and model for navigating through systems to promote change. As a certified K-12 teacher, outdoor school creator, community extension agent for Oregon State University and experiential education advocate, Lindsey understands that education is key to a sustainable future.

Lyons spent years working on community-based water resource management issues in the controversial Klamath Basin region of Southern Oregon and Northern California, where finding common ground was the key to overcoming old antagonisms. Higher education can function much like a diverse community struggling to find a balance between available resources and the needs of all the stakeholders. Lyons believes that colleges and universities hold a unique position to use sustainability education to engage students in experiential learning activities that use residential life, the campus, communities beyond campus borders and study abroad locations as living laboratories to translate their knowledge, experiences and values into actions that create lasting solutions.

Currently, Lyons' work at Dickinson focuses on developing innovative, place- based approaches that promote faculty and student opportunities, both academic and service-oriented, for sustainability education. Currently Dickinson is striving to create greater clarity, commonality and deliberateness of purpose to our past efforts to infuse sustainability across our curriculum, co-curricular programs, global education programs, campus life, operations and civic engagement. Lyons' experiences at various levels of institutional development have allowed her create best practices for proposing and implementing programs that guide institutions towards positive change.

Afternoon Keynote Speaker: Emily Hunter

Emily Hunter is an environmental advocacy journalist that reports from the frontlines of environmental issues and activist movements. She has worked as the eco-correspondent for MTV News Canada and the eco-blogger for THIS Magazine. Currently, Emily’s first book has been published called The Next Eco-Warriors, an insider’s look at the new wave of environmental activism.

She is no stranger to the activist world. Emily was literally born into the environmental movement, as her father was Robert Hunter, the first president of Greenpeace. Emily, herself has sailed around the world on activist ships with Sea Shepherd helping to save animals and fighting against climate change with Today, her change making is with eco-journalism, informing and offering critical debate on the battle to save the planet.

Emily has hosted and co-produced three TV-documentaries, ranging  from he Canadian Tar Sands to the Toronto G20 protests; she was one of the characters on the hit Animal Planet show “Whale Wars;” and  she has done eco-reporting from protest frontlines at the Copenhagen climate summit.

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