The Executive Council

The Executive Council is charged with:

  • serving as the point of contact for sustainability issues on campus;
  • strategic planning for the Sustainability Task Force ensuring that activities align with the mission of the task force;
  • maintaining operating budget and pursuing opportunities for funding of the Sustainability Task Force and its activities;
  • oversight of the activities of the working groups.

The Executive Council holds monthly meetings in which representatives from the various working groups may also be in attendance. The Executive Council along with all members of the working groups hold once- (or twice-) a-semester meetings of the entire UD Sustainability Task Force.

Anne-Marie Crossan, Co-chair

Thomas Schumacher, Co-chair

Kathleen Kerr, Treasurer

Janet Johnson, Faculty member

John Madsen, Faculty member

Richard Chapas, Faculty member

Lado Kurdgelashvili, CEEP faculty representative

Gautam Agrawal, Graduate students

Becky Bronstein, Undergraduate student

Grace Relf, Undergraduate student

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