The ocean's powerful winds make the coast an ideal location for a wind turbine. Ironically, it's that ocean air that presents a challenge to any turbine on or near the sea. The moist, salty air combined with a turbine's metallic materials can result in corrosion, a destructive process able to bring any power-generating source to a halt.


The University of Delaware and the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) have created a new avenue to connect science with resource management by launching a series of workshops where environmental academicians and regulators can share current research and discuss research needs.


Rajendra Pachauri, chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), will be the featured speaker in the DENIN Dialogue Series at 7 p.m., Tuesday, April 6, in Clayton Hall.


The University of Delaware Sustainability Task Force is seeking two undergraduate students and two graduate students to join the task force co-chairs -- John Madsen and Kathleen Kerr -- at the ACPA Sustainability Institute in Boulder, Colo.


Creating environmentally friendly high technology jobs for Delawareans was the focus of the "Creating the Clean Energy Economy" conference, held Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 13-14, at the University of Delaware's Clayton Hall.



The University of Delaware Library

Statement from Susan Brynteson,
The May Morris Director of Libraries

"The University of Delaware Library works collaboratively with many others at the University to operate in a sustainable manner, and to encourage action on the part of all library users including students, faculty and staff. The Library is a leader in provision of electronic information, resulting in sharply reduced number of print journals in favor of electronic journals, thus requiring less use of trees for paper. The Library supports and encourages downloading and emailing electronic research to reduce the amount of printing used. To further reduce use of paper, the Library provides duplex printers which print on both sides of paper. Working with University Facilities, the Library has a long history of support for the recycling. The Library, working with University Facilities, recycles all paper from copiers and printers, cardboard from boxes, and other recyclable materials. Recycling wastebaskets are placed throughout the Morris Library. Printer cartridges are sent by the Library to UD Occupational Health and Safety for recycling. When the Library has held programs and receptions related to Library exhibitions and the Library Associates friends group, which include refreshments, the Library uses china and glassware and not paper products.

Researching Sustainability Issues at the Morris Library

The University of Delaware Library has resources and librarians to help with research.

The Morris Library provides a dedicated entry into DELCAT, the Library’s catalog; e-journals; and online resources.

Visit the Morris Library Sustainability Research page

For further assistance, please contact one of the University of Delaware Library specialists:

Engineering:Tom Melvin, Associate Librarian or Cathy Wojewodzki, Librarian

Government information and statistics:Rebecca Knight, Associate Librarian

Physical and life sciences: Fritz Getze, Associate Librarian or Cathy Wojewodzki, Librarian

Public Policy:Michael Gutiérrez, Senior Assistant Librarian

The Library has also worked as a partner with University Facilities in the reduction of energy use by replacement of many ceiling fixtures in the six-acre four floor Morris Library with new fluorescent low energy lighting which use lower amounts of electricity. Electronic ballast was installed in all overhead fluorescent lighting as well as more efficient light tubes. Compact fluorescent bulbs are also widely used instead of incandescent bulbs. Lighting use is also reduced in library group group study rooms and renovated restrooms by the installation of motion sensing lighting to further reduce energy needed. In addition, suggestions are always welcome as to further sustainability efforts on the part of the Library."

Sustainability Actions

The University of Delaware Library works collaboratively with many others at the University to operate in a sustainable manner, and to encourage action on the part of all library users including students, faculty and staff.

Reduction in use of paper


Lighting & energy saving


The University of Delaware has joined other colleges and universities in supporting these two sustainability initiatives:

Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future/Talloires Declaration: View a .pdf (20kb)

American University and Presidents Climate Commitment:
Visit the web site