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Welcome to Student Wellness &
Health Promotion!

Student Wellness & Health Promotion provides services to support students' behavioral and emotional wellness, and helps students evaluate options for maintaining healthy lifestyles, through prevention, intervention, and education.

"Wellness," funny term. What's your definition?

Student Wellness & Health Promotion defines it by considering the many components of one's well-being, such as emotional, physical, intellectual, social and spiritual health.

Wanna assess how you fare across all these components? Or just wanna find out about something specific?

Here are some examples of questions or thoughts you may have that might fall under the general heading "Wellness":

Are any of these resonating with you? If so, please contact us. Or search below for more specific, helpful information. If you do not find your specific concern on this list, it just means this list is not all-inclusive and you will need to contact us personally with your question. We would welcome hearing from you, anytime.


Facts, Self-Help & How-To Information on the following topics:

If you are struggling with any of these issues, you can make an appointment to speak with someone at our office by calling 831-3457. Read on to learn more about these topics.

Upcoming Events!

Thurs, Feb. 11th, 7:00pm
All Recovery Yoga
160 Carpenter Sports Bldg.
We are excited to have FREE weekly All Recovery Yoga return for Spring! Classes resume on 2/11 and will be weekly on Thurs nights at 7pm. Unlike other yoga classes, this practice focuses on poses that are restorative, rather than those with the potential to be triggering. Taught by Transformation Yoga and sponsored by the Collegiate Recovery Community and Sexual Offense Support (S.O.S.)
Tues, Feb. 23rd, 7:00pm
Wellness Speaker Series: Alexa Rose Carlin
Trabant Theater
Alexa Rose Carlin is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur and activist. Her talk, "The Power of Positive Thinking" brings the audience on a captivating journey. Alexa shares how she almost lost her life during college and how a shift in her mindset changed it all. Sponsored by Pow! and TEDx UD. Call 831-3457 for information.
Wed, March 9th, 7:00pm
Wellness Speaker Series: Aydian Dowling
Trabant Theater
Aydian Dowling is a FTM transgender businessman, activist, and model from Long Island, NY who has gained world-wide recognition as a lead contender in the 2015 Men's Health Magazine search for the "Ultimate Men's Health Guy". Aydian will speak about his journey transitioning, the importance of acceptance, and his experience's relationship to wellness. Sponsored by Pow! and TEDx UD. Call 831-3457 for information.
Tues, April 19th, 7:00pm
Wellness Speaker Series: Quiet Riot Comedy Theater
Trabant Multi-Purpose Rms A&B
Composed of two brothers, Bill and David Mettler, Quiet Riot combines comedy, mime, storytelling, music and sound effects to discuss the importance of kindness in all aspects of life. The audience will explore how kindness towards themselves and others can impact leadership and role modeling, leading to a healthier life. Sponsored by Pow! and TEDx UD. Call 831-3457 for information.

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