Collegiate Recovery Community

There's a new movement on college campuses throughout the nation to provide recovery support for students who have struggled with drug and alcohol use. If you are interested in helping us determine what a recovery community would look like at UD, please email Jessica Estok at and let her know!

Peer-to-Peer Consultation/Mentoring

Occasionally, trained Pow! members are offered the opportunity to be matched up one-on-one with another student at the UD who is interested in talking with and getting support from a peer who is more knowledgeable about the issues they are struggling with than their friends may be. This can be a short-term, one or two time meeting with a student to offer support and information. Or it can lead to a more in-depth mentoring relationship that lasts for some time or even throughout the college experience. Supervision is provided by the Pow! Coordinator to all who serve in this capacity.

This type of experience is fully optional to Pow! members and no member is asked to serve in this capacity unless they make it known that they are open to this opportunity. There is no guarantee that even if a Pow! member wanted this type of experience as part of their volunteer work with Student Wellness & Health Promotion that it could always be provided.

However, it is possible to work out a schedule in which Pow! members could do office hours at Student Wellness & Health Promotion to meet individually with students who are seeking information on certain health-related topics. While there would be no way to guarantee that the Pow! member's time spent in the office would be filled with student requests for information, such an arrangement could be explored.

Upcoming Events!

May 4, 5 & 6th, 4:00-8:00pm
Fundraiser for the Collegiate Recovery Community
Launch Trampoline Park
Come out and bounce to support UD's CRC! 25% of all proceeds raised from jump time will be donated by Launch to the CRC! All you have to do in mention the flyer or let them know you are there for the fundraiser for UD. Visit their website at
May 6th, 7:00pm
Get Up, Stand Up: Be a Courageous Bystander
100 Kirkbride
Have you ever heard a sexist or homophobic joke and wished you had confronted it? Witnessed someone name-calling or hitting another person? Seen a man leading a heavily intoxicated woman into a room at a party and closing the door? Were you left with the nagging feeling that someone should have intervened...yet getting involved felt too risky? A "Courageous Bystander" is someone who takes an active role in promoting a respectful environment, or who takes action to safely and responsibly interfere with abusive attitudes, statements, or behaviors. This interactive program helps participants learn ways to be a courageous bystander and possibly save someone from victimization and trauma. Presented by UD's Sexual Offense Support (S.O.S.).
May 20th, Registration at 5:30pm, Race at 6:30pm
Run for Recovery 5K Run/Walk
Rockford Park, Wilmington, DE
The Collegiate Recovery Community at UD will have at table in support of the Limen House 5k. For more information about the Limen House program or to sign up for the 5k, go to their website at